About me

In my 6th year in Vung Tau. I just love all the undiscovered history of Vung Tau city. E.g., I discovered the source of the myth of the Last Tiger of Vung Tau. My purpose is to introduce the history, cultural heritage and beauty of Vung Tau city in Vietnam to international friends as well as to introduce best Vungtau seafood restaurants to people. We will continue to provide more information everyday.

Sea food has many positive aspects, being high in many essential vitamins, it is lean and from my perspective tastes great. However, if it is not cooked well there are many nasty gastrointestinal disease and of course there is Mercury….There are some dish that if not done properly.. will kill you…

Come to Vung Tau, enjoy seafood and discover the relics and hidden charm of a beautiful, historic Vung Tau city in Vietnam. You will want to come back again, or maybe never leave!