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House for rent in Ho Chi Minh – Leasing 30m



Thursday, 11.17.2011, 21:55 GMT +7 (Property listed time)

Leasing 3OM binh.phong newly built LAU TAI TAN 2.3, NHA front of lon.lien HE GAP Phuong 0983785498


furnished room for rent cheap

Now the house is two rooms in the quiet security and civilized, and a district near the airport. Airy rooms with balconies. Amenities word such as TV Fridge Air conditioning water heater mattress beds … Wc in the room. Cable internet utilities separately. The rent per room is 3 million. Priority for anyone enthusiastic. Contact us at 0903934243 72/23 Phan Dang Luu Phu Ward 5 profit.


– 128 Dinh Bo Linh

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 13:34 GMT +7 (Property listed time)

Cheap rooms for rent, 128 Dinh Bo Linh, Ward 26, Binh Thanh.
– The city center 5 minutes away, Convenient for travel.
– Near schools, Markets, Hospitals


Ngo Gia Tu

– District 10 City

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 12:27 GMT +7 (Property listed time)

AREA: 50m2, a GAC ​​HAVE WOOD, a separate kitchen, a toilet PRIVACY
Contact: – 0907039998



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House for rent in Ha Noi – transfer the cafe, nail style rice

transfer the cafe, nail style rice

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 15:00 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
transfer of cafe style lunch is a stable business. Do family moved to South of should live k have time to continue business. The land near the Vietnam Television, the office …. The lunch service, I am, breakfast, coffee drinks with existing stable of guest, business can continue ngay. 4-year Contracts may still sign long-term


rooms for rent in Me Tri Ha (Central time)

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 15:43 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
(near the Twin Towers):

Room for rent with the theo characteristics:

1. 01 rooms in a village Me Tri Ha (Opposite Big C The Garden), range is not closed room, large 10m2, toilet, 1.000.000d/thang prices, Electricity by meter 3.000d/so, the 60.000 / person / month. Not in the same host, self-Governing with the other rooms. Priority or female students who go to work. There is enough cable net

2. 02 rooms on two floors in two Storey house near the twin towers at the Garden Village House, Tri. A 16m2 room, a 12m2 room. The two shared a toilet room, with internet. Not in the same host. 1 to make the car floor, spacious, with steel doors for sure, good security.

Contact: 0984410737 (The), see the non-working hours, free of intermediaries.



Thursday, 11.17.2011, 16:04 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
150m2 Rentals 4T Tay Mo, TL. LH Tuan 0982325938


T3 rooms for rent at Thai Ha hn 23/133.

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 12:47 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
I rent a room right on the 3rd floor total area of 30m2, self-contained works, a heater, internet, as THC is very Convenient for VP, or e in G. Connect to separate, wide streets, cars parked door, price the owner Four A 3.5tr/1t contact: 0986,966,539
During the day to view online.



Thursday, 11.17.2011, 13:05 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Pho Hao Vu Thach nam.s 62m plastic ceiling tiles in the south east ngo quiet cool utility tot.tien security for workers in blue said, mo additional classes, workshops dat …… Join 6.5 million / month. Lien he: cc him Dung DT 0915688289

Ha Noi


Thursday, 11.17.2011, 13:16 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Group homes for rent at 08 Tran Quoc Toan Street, Hoan Kiem, closed 50m2 (1 room + 1 bedroom + an 1bep style WC) + 4m2 storage. LH: 0913521041 a.giang Room 405-A2. (Central time – see the outside working hours). Price 7T



Thursday, 11.17.2011, 14:20 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
For rent 2 storey house at 96 assembly 2 of 21 Thinh optical niche – has piles. Level 1: 56m2 bedroom
02 01 01 kitchen bathroom front yard 7m2. Level 2: 01 san 01 bedroom sheltered exposure. Prices 000d/thang 4500.
Contact: Mr. Thang phone 0913 587 697


apartments for rent, Linh Dam

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 14:40 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
apartments for rent, Linh Dam, CT1, Room 1006, an area of ​​82m2, 2 bedrooms + 1 living room. $ 7 million / month – hired as a priority for the office, long-term lease. LH main server. A Hung



18T2 $ 700 full price items

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 14:55 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
18 T2 Apartment Rentals Urban China Nhan Chinh Dt 107m – 2 bedroom – 2 beds – 1 living room, wood floor fully furnished, available on the rental Costs $ 700 / month 588 377 0986 lh


Nguyen Chi Thanh floor subdivision Rentals

Wednesday, 11.16.2011, 10:13 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Rent a floor area of ​​30 m2 family. The width of the lane, 20m by Nguyen Thai Hoc Street. Add as offices, Counseling ,…… The price agreed upon. (Central time)


Villa Rentals in LAC 61 Middle Lane

Wednesday, 11.16.2011, 10:23 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
7m wide modern streets, the People’s high security (the army) , Electricity, water, internet, full cable TV, a spacious parking and safe, with the Washing and drying clothes separately (see photo). Only People who have rental income and job Stability, desirable in the long run. Pay monthly. Contact: 0946919155 Bac Hung Bui Trach 358/25 at 23 Bones Lane – Thanh Xuan – Hanoi.


apartment rental

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 10:10 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
We need to hire some professional office space with the recently completed infrastructure , professional management, modern design and reasonable rent only from 9 to 11 USD / m2/thang, 1.000m2 area ngay from 150 to contact us to get to see some office space for rent in the area Social Forum – the only UK training – our Pham Ngoc Thach sau:

1. New 400m2 office building with 2 x 6 floor elevator, a large basement 400m2, 20m frontage and air conditioning system ceiling. Social Forum under the new road.

2. Halls of 250m2 x 2 Storey office, large 150m2 separate yard, the Dao Duy Anh street, near Kim Lien Hotel and Ocean Park building.

Please call us for Prior to ground to see this:

Son Nguyen company
Real Estate Hotline: 090.323.4760 / 37236912
Meet Ms Hien .
Exemption of any charges to the lessee and MTG
Thank you for reading this


rental ceiling 84m2

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 10:28 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
sale or rent apartment CT1 She Huong Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, 140m area, 3 bedrooms, 3 Bathrooms, the house was renovated, fully equipped, wooden floor 31tr/thang rents, 31tr/m2 price + cost of Improvements. Contact the owner: 0988 739 885


Kien Tran Quy

62m2x5T, 30tr/thang

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 10:43 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
I am for rent apartment resettlement services firm expected quarterly ceilings, 84m2 area, 2BR, 2VS apartment Overlooking the open air all rooms, rental 10tr (a bargain). Contact: 0972081669


level 4 at Nghia Tan, Cau Giay, Hanoi

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 10:58 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Rentals 5 floors, the owners, on the Kien Tran Quy, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

a message 62m2 ground floor, first floor rooms on each floor 2-3-4 1 WC, air conditioning, water Heaters, kitchen and second floor has five rooms. Front 5.7m, 6m summer Means for motorcycle, car parking facilities 11m line. Front open, Overlooking the swimming pool and sports center, Cau Giay District. The location near the new urban area Thang Long International Village, the region’s high security guarantee, office facilities, shops.

Address: 36 Tran Quy Kien, Dich Vong Ward, Cau Giay District, Hanoi.

The main home, rent 30tr/thang. Who Needs please see your contact 01662890648 Tam.


T3 rooms for rent at Thai Ha hn 23/133.

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 12:19 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
level 4, self-contained, with loft, Electricity and water in particular. 30m2 living space in the collective Nghia Tan.
Price: 3,500,000 VND / month
Contact: Your Progress
Tel: 04-3-7560466, 0973160534


House for rent in Lane 77, Street Bui Trach

Wednesday, 11.16.2011, 20:59 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
1. Rentals 30m2, 01 bedrooms, enclosed WC, kitchen 8m2 $ 2 million / month, with parking
2. Rentals 32m2, 02 bedrooms, enclosed WC, 12m2 kitchen
Address: 60B, lane 77 Bui Trach bone


For households renting apartments

Thanh Xuan district

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 00:14 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
I rent an old apartment, two rooms, a kitchen, a drying, the total area of ​​45 m2, near the location can not be held. Only households rent, food requirements in clean, to keep order. Mr Tien

Contact 091 505 4001


Nguyen Chi Thanh

subdivision, 10 million

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 07:56 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
I need to rent a lot, Lane 91 Nguyen Chi Thanh, the M5 apartment, DT36m, 3.5 Floor, 5P, 3 Accessories, high on a quiet residential, car parking door, add VP 10tr households at or Company rents / a month.

All Needs, please contact him Proud: Real Estate INVEST Vietnam SGD
(Invest Buildings) of the original Red 10/28 – DD – Hanoi.
mobile: 0982779911



Thursday, 11.17.2011, 08:02 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
30m2 for rent in lane 10 Kim Ma Thuong-Ba Dinh – Hanoi


Sourthern 233 Xuan Thuy

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 08:57 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Southern Richland, 233 Spring Water Lane 9A, Q. Cau Giay District, Hanoi. Based Storey, 15, area 92m2, 2 bedrooms, view the My Dinh. Apartments Designed with luxurious, fully furnished Map: Inverter air conditioner, sofa, LCD TV, furniture, food, beds, complete kitchen, Toto Sanitary ware, door lock with magnetic card. Buildings and apartments as 4-star + hotel. 2 years is free of charge management unit is managed Savills. Free swimming pool and gym. There were two cars send power (600,000 U.S. $ / unit / month), 2 motorcycles sending rate (U.S. $ 60,000 / unit / month). Adjacent buildings and shopping Centers HITC Indochina Plaza Hanoi. Price: $ 1000 / month.
Contact: Mr. 0973.766.080 Kien


Ngoc Khanh


Thursday, 17.11.2011, 09:03 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
the first floor, 70m2 large, electric water heater. Automobile Alley. High population, good security.
Price: 7,900,000 VND / month. MTG.


apartment landlord services the Thuy Khue Street.

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 09:09 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
CCO service apartment at 4th floor, dt = 60m2, a pn , 1PK, Adequate furniture and equipment rental $ 550 Including wifi internet, water, cable TV and clean. Who Needs please contact us. Mr Tung (0982891358)


apartment for rent at Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh N05

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 09:13 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Apartment Apartment N05 Tran Duy Hung as offices, housing
Currently, We have some apartments in the N05 (Trung Hoa-Nhan Chinh) leasing office or at:

+ The N05 includes four buildings: 29T1, 29T2, 25T1 & 25T2 Hoang Dao Thuy road lease for office or residential. Area: 150m2, 155m2, 162m2, 181m2 ,…..
3 bedrooms, air conditioning, flooring, kitchen cabinets, wall cabinets, heater, ceiling plaster

Easy access, high population, security, good service, a favorable business environment for Prosperity.

+ Price: $ 900 – $ 1,100 / month

ARENA Building 6th Floor, No 82 Truc Khe
-Ha Noi Tel: (+84) 4.7301.3888 Fax: (+84) 4.7304.1666
Mobile: 090 480 8989


Keangnam Hanoi

​​ pretty hot price

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 09:41 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
I need to rent apartments Keangnam Hanoi:
– Type an area of ​​107 apartments, 118, 126m2, 3 bedrooms. Price 800 – 1100 USD.
– Of a flat area 156m2, three bedrooms, a living room for family, furniture, fixtures genuine. Price 1300USD / month.
– Of a flat area 160m2, 4 bedrooms, furniture, fixtures genuine. Price 1300USD / month.
– Of a flat area 206m2, 4 bedrooms, furniture, fixtures genuine. Price 1500usd / month.
– Area of ​​433m2 Penthouse Apartment (for VIP) rent $ 3,000 / month (can negotiate).
All the apartments were available maps are Extremely suitable for foreigners or VIP Scooters in building Vietnam to experience life in Vietnam today the Highest level the match with numerous rental:
Free services for Tenants and home viewing.
You need to rent or apartment Keangnam, please contact: Pham Trung Hoa

Phone: (+84) 4.7301.3888 Fax: (+84) 4.7304.1666
Mobile: 090 480 8989

Please note:
. Rents on the only reference, contact Pham Trung Hoa to be updated.
. Rents are subject to change without notice.
. The rent depends on the equipment and furniture, high or low levels, directions, phụ thuộc on the expectations of the owner.
. Rents on with or without VAT.
. Price is the price We give the desired by the owner. We will help you negotiate to find common ground with reasonable rents.


88 Lang Ha

Thursday, 17.11.2011, 09:55 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
* Location: Sky City Towers – 88 Lang Ha
* Area: 139 m2
3 bedrooms, large PK, separate kitchen, two Bathrooms with Bathtub
Equipment: fully furnished
Service pool, gym, yoga
24/24 traffic security, reception, parking
Price: U.S. $ 1,200 / month

Rent an apartment in the Sky City Tower – 88 Lang Ha Street, Hanoi.
Contact: Trung Hoa Pham
Phone: (+84) 4.7301.3888 Fax: (+84) 4.7304.1666
Mobile: 090 480 8989

Ha Noi

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