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Vung Tau has many coffee shops therefore we can not know a day in the city of Vung Tau people consume how many pounds of coffee powder, but we can confirm there are so many. Being a man addicted to strong flavor and color of the shiny black coffee drops, so besides the steaming hot coffee cup, there is always my best friend, who is also addicted and loves coffee more than me. He has a habit of drinking coffee in a certain number of shops, but if he goes to the new coffee shop, he does not drink coffee but he only eats mixed fruits and drinks fruit juices. Many times I demanded curiously, he begins to confess that he does not trust the quality of coffee that much, he sure they are not the pure coffee.


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Posted by thukhoa - March 5, 2011 at 7:52 am

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Bar-cafe Friendship

Friendship, the name sounds warm and close. Warm in the architectural space with warm light color tone, close to the palm of blooming flowers, the young green banana bushes, mango trees shadow. Friendship, come to walk on the split-opened rocks with winding dark colors like a trail, to suddenly realize a lesson of life "passage beneath our foots..." Come to go through areca trees of childhood with areca's sweet fragrance, to see the colorful five-colors flowers, come to see that we need each other in "friendship"...These are dotted out to create a deep, harmonious space for friendship garden. And it is also an open space for those who want to be immersed in nature...


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Posted by thukhoa -  at 5:03 am

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