Con Dao Prison – Candidate’s natural heritage and cultural world

Con Dao prison – Candidate’s natural heritage and world culture

Located on the eastern axis exchanges – West, merchant ships of Italy, Spain, Portugal, Britain, France … visited the island from the XIII century . Two of the British East India Company and the French people to the island several times to study the terrain, mapping. In 1702, Allen Catchpote, director of the British East India Company personally commanded the troops occupied the island. Macasca soldiers who built his tomb and guard the fort. Nguyen Lords took the island, making it the design of delivery Macasca troops to mutiny, to expel the British recovered the sovereignty, territorial Dang Trong (1705).

Continue to nurture the intentions of the French, on 28/11/1861, Lespes lieutenant was ordered by Admiral Bonard, put Nogagaray warships to invade the island. Con Dao prison established by the decree of 01.02.1862 Admiral Bonard sinners brought to jail from a court to 10 years. Félix Roussel deputy commander was appointed commander of the archipelago’s first-cum-manager of the prison island.


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