Di Tich Mountain Palace

Monument Mountain Palace

 alt Location: Mountain Palace is located in Tan Thanh district, province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau .
Features: Mountain Palace is located in Tan Thanh district, province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau . . Location: Mountain Palace is located in Tan Thanh district, province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau .
Features: This is a complex of mountains and trees with immense am, Temple, mugs, unique temples located along the streams.
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Our Lady of Bai Dau

 alt in 1926, Rib Mountain and the land by around 10 samples, starting named Vung May, by Mr. Le Huu Luong, a Catholic parish Vung Tau , register with the state mining from April 9, 1926. Immediately thereafter (04/14/1926) he returned to his Luong Nguyen Hong An Indian known as the Hygiene (French nationality, the guard captain). Also in 1926, he took her to India built stone chapel, next to the “static needle” would later be buried in it (but later the two men moved to Ba Ria and she died there).

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Linh Son Pagoda


 alt Spirit ancient painting himself on Hoang Hoa Tham, while not huge, but the vast temple oldest in Vung Tau .

At first temple was built on a small mountain, but in 1919 this area was the French campaign to build villas for them at pilots. Just then another old temple has been built and exist to this day.
In a church hall with a 1.2 m high statue of stone is basting gold sculpture artfully created seems from and living the Buddha’s face.
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 alt Across Vietnam, in the villages are ancient temple. Temple is a place of worship The Royal – who has publicly break up the village, nation building in the local area, money wise and gentle climate – who continues to open up the village land, nation building. Family Village is a place of living faith, culture and spirit of the residents in a community is determined by an administrative unit basis. Over time long-term survival, due to the changes of history, some of the village has no village. In three villages of Vung Tau precursor third house. Village can say August is the expression of the unique cultural characteristics unique to the coastal fisherman – both common features of the home village of Vietnam, there are distinctions in both worship and cultural activities – beliefs.
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Bai Vong Nguyet – Vung Tau

 alt Location : Bai Vong Nguyet Phong welcome the mighty nose jutting into the East Sea.
Characteristics: The beach is narrow, the water is always clean, intense waves, three cliff surface is extremely impressive.
Vong Nguyet means welcoming the moon. The moon rises at night in season, or at sunset, shining sea here as covered in a layer of silver sheen. Party whispering waves, in front of vast sea of ​​silver light, visitors will feel the immense vastness of the sky waves, cosmic infinity, endless, silent sea floating in the mind hon.Nuoc here is very clear and clean.

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Binh Chau – Ho Coc

bold;” mce_style=”font-weight:  alt Location: ecotourism zone Binh Chau – Ho Coc in Bung Rieng commune, Xuyen Moc district, provincial Ba Ria – Vung Tau , Ho Chi Minh City and 150km.
bold;” mce_style=”font-weight: Characteristics: Binh Chau hot mineral springs have been recognized by scientists because water is valuable in the treatment of recuperation.

ecological zone of Binh Chau – Ho Coc scenes ecological fantasy, is now a major tourist attraction rather east of Ba Ria Vung Tau province .

Between untouched forest emerged a bau hot water spray to cast more than 70 points, form a system of streams, lakes, large and small are heat and evaporation, the temperature from 37 º C to 82 º C depending on the region. Spring hidden under mangrove forest contains unique aromatic silicon, high nitrogen content, add sulfur, sodium, chlorine … effective cure many diseases.

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