alt Wat Hai Van is situated on the slopes Small mountain road near Ha Long Ha Long Road Bai Dua From looking at the steep slopes of Mount Small found a high ladder and a large entrance with the words “Hai Van Pagoda.” Visitors to the temple over the sidewalk, or by car to the exit road vehicles, are. What is particularly different from the temples that we frequent the port here since the first grade had found the words, the poem is sculpted with meticulously, fussy in detail on the walls.

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HON BA in Vung Tau

 alt By the way Small Mount Halong round, from Front Beach, through the nose Pineapple Beach overlooking the ocean Feng welcome visitors see a small island, the island beneath the sea of ​​white foam is very romantic, which is more than three.

Hon Ba
located away from the foot Small mountain range near the 200m. In 1881 a native of Central Ho Quang Minh called off funding to build a small temple on the island known as Mrs. Temple. In 1939 a French officer named Archi-nard friends shrines, but it was only a hit in the corner of Temple. This officer was killed there by a careless use of guns. So the French island is named for Archi-nard, but for people of Vung Tau still call this little island is more than three.
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is the front of the Front Beach Vung Tau , located south-westward between two mountains of Big and Small mountain city of Vung Tau as a way arc quite well.

Features: Front Beach beach called” Ocean Vision “- Find the sun at sunset. Planted along the beach with many palm, willow and bladder. These cover the trees cool the sand near the sea, under the trees there are many lovely restaurants. The major hotels are concentrated on this beach.

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Back Beach – Vung Tau

bold;” mce_style=”font-weight: Location: Located in southeastern Vung Tau City , Bai Sau 8-km from the Cua Lap Little Mountain is a long beach and dreaming of Vung Tau .

bold;” mce_style=”font-weight: Characteristics: Bai Sau is also known as Thuy Van beach . Facing the South China Sea, lying back on the beach after the sandy hills and untouched forests non-employees.

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