braised Pangasius (catfish)

braised Pangasius fish
braised Pangasius fish

braised Pangasius (catfish)

Today I went to Lotte supermarket, saw many amazing Pangasius fishes and gray eel-catfish, immediately, i purchased two of them. Two types of this catfish were eaten sometime ago in Vung Tau. Luckily, now available Lotte supermarket so I can eat these fishes. These babies are best for cooking sour soup, sour bamboo shoots soup or can be braised, all delicious, especially gray eel-catfish hot pot can be cooked with salted soya bean tamarind sauce, quite wonderful. Later, i will post these dishes recipes, ingredients and images up for everyone to enjoy!


-5 steaks of fresh Pangasius / Gray Eel-catfish.
-1 tablespoon cooking oil.
-1.5 teaspoon colored coconut milk.
-1 tablespoon granulated sugar.
-1 teaspoon seasoning salt.
-2 tablespoons of fine fish sauce.
-1 teaspoon grind white pepper.
-1 small welsh onion.
-1 small red onion, thinly sliced.
-2 crushed garlic cloves.
-2 or 3 small chillies.

Fresh fish cut into 4 or 5 quarters of about 4 cm thick. Marinate the fish with seasoning salt, colored coconut milk, fine fish sauce, red onion pieces and pepper for about 15-20 minutes.

Put fish steaks in a clay pot, add cooking oil, sugar, garlic, welsh onions on top , chilies, and add grind white pepper.

Turn on a high flame, do not flip the fish and boil. Water boiled, then add a small amount of water to flood more than half of the pot, so spices will seep into the meat. Close the lid, until water boiled again and a side of the fish steaks is well cooked, then flip over, lowering on medium heat, continue to boil water in the pot until it’s boiled down and quite thick. Taste to know when it’s okay to turn off flame.

** braised fish trick:

Apart from snakehead fish, I usually choose all kind of catfish because they have more fat, flesh is fat and soft, spices will seep into the braised meat, fewer bone and more delicious.

Fish with bright skin, the skin is little viscous: fresh fish. When cutting meat bulging out is fresh fish.

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