How to choose fresh seafood.

Seafood is foods that are rich essential nutrients in everyday meal. But not everyone knows how to choose delicious, fresh seafood. I would like tell you some tips for selecting, distinguishing certain types of seafood.

Differentiation of river and sea crabs:

Distinction between the river crabs and sea crabs is the shell. River crab’s shell is circle, and sea crab’s shell is diamond. Fresh river crab’s bra is colored green ash, white abdomen, plump bra. The circle bra’s cover is female crab, triangle bra’s cover is the male crab. When choosing a crab, you should be tapping tenderly. If your hands feel strong, solid that is fresh, delicious crab. Or you get your hands grip the lower abdomen. If crab’s legs, claws straighten out, not creeping down that is healthy crab.


Dried abalone are shape, clean, dry, pale yellow or pink colored chalk. Meat in the form of transparent white fibers, very small and fragrant. If the surface of dried abalone has black spots or white colored chalk, the lower part is black and pink that is the product of poor quality.

Distinguishing live oysters, dead.

When oysters live, shells of oysters will be naturally opening and closing. But the shells of dead oysters are not close. These are key criteria for distinguishing live oysters, dead.

Dried squid.

Dried squid are round-bodied, bright, clean. Body widening, thick flesh, black in color tone. If the outside with black spots, colored chalk surface, the back of the squid is black that are of poor quality products.

Dried Oyster.

Good oyster are yellow or gray. Oysters surface is white mist, the numbers are different, no contamination. Oysters meat is in the form of a small, strong thread, and they have a special flavor of oysters species. If the oysters is dark, curved non-circular external body, in the form of fibers separated meat that are of poor quality products.

Dried Goldfish.

High quality dried goldfish will have very strong meat characteristics. If in the form of thread, dried goldfish is yellow, very fragrant smell, and do not leak oil.

Sea cucumbers.

There are many kinds of sea cucumber such as: Sea cucumbers apricot blossoms, pearl, white stone … However, whether any kind of high quality sea cucumber is still a common feature are fat lobes, strong flesh, hard bone, no sand inside.

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