Oyster Spring roll

Cleaning oyster is the most extreme stage. The oyster have to be soaked in water for 30 minutes, then take out a small basket gently stir in the water, rinse until no longer sticky  the sand or debris of oyster shells. But in return, when processing is finished eating a delicious and crispy.


– 300gr fresh milk oysters . (Without milk oyster, farming oysters are replaced with
– 50 grams or 1 / 2 yellow intestine  sweet potato .
– 100 gr High taro (taro wax.)
– 1 teaspoon seasoning seeds
– an ear mushrooms
– 1 bunch of scallions.
– 2 purple shallots,
– Rice paper used for Spring roll.
– Lemon juice diluted.


– Chilled oysters with seeds 1 teaspoon seasoning for 15 minutes to infiltration
– Mushrooms soaked in water for baking
– Taro and sweet potatoes cut into small fibers.
– Onion, shallot, chopped mushrooms.
– Combine the oysters with scallion, onion, mushrooms.
– Moisten the cake with lemon juice (such as fried spring rolls will be more brittle), so a layer of potatoes and a layer of oysters, to a layer of potatoes so that oysters in the middle of two layers of potatoes (when fried oysters will not fall out outside), rolled.
– It is finished spring rolls, add oil to pan, when oil is hot, fry the spring rolls on, rolls back both sides, the fire was small fry.
When spring rolls are cooked, take out, put on paper towels to remove oil and oil coming out of the disk, this dish is served with noodles, vegetables, garlic chili sauce mixed periods.

Wish you success!

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