Rice balls salted sesame seeds (Cơm nắm muối vừng) Saigon

Rice balls salted sesame seeds (Cơm nắm muối vừng), countryside dishes become specialties of Saigon

Steamed hot rice compacted into balls equal fists, dotted with sesame seeds Salted has both fleshy flexible harmony of salty, sweet. The folk’s rice balls was cooked by old mother for father carried away on the way to work, now also popular in Saigon.

Sesame seeds rice balls Salted dish is rustic, frugal popular in the countryside northern Vietnam. To make delicious rice balls, first to prepare rice very flexible. then slightly washed with water rice cook into rice, note: watch the cooker, pour water so that rice is not too wet and not too dry, just enough soft, flexible grain of rice to stick together.

Next, use a thin cloth (preferably fabric mosquito net) spread out into plate or dish, put rice on top. Then grab the four corners fabric layer covering the rice, then knead with your hands vigorously until the rice grains stick together. You can use the tray round, square or patterns to create beautiful shape for rice balls by placing a piece of thin cloth on the tray for the rice. The rice tightly packed by spoon in the tray until the greasy of rice. Once retrieved, we will have rice balls shaped as our liking. Note, when sliced ​​rice balls should not use a knife but use a yarn/thread because sticky cooked rice is very flexible.

Rice balls (also called cooked rice plants) dotted with salted sesame seeds or peanut. Here’s how: sesame seeds (sesame) or peanuts (peanuts) roasted, crushed. Then add salt, sugar, depending on individual taste. Characteristics of the rice dish is to be held a few days remain flexible but no stale so Vietnam farmers previously used to bring this food on the back to do the farming or for children go to school but the school far away from home.

Following the countryside in the south to establish the business, today rice balls caught in Saigon with “natural ten thousand pictures.” Every time you have the opportunity to travel far, the Saigon people still holding cooked rice carried away. But instead of eating with salted sesame seeds, they eat with rousong or can be served with chicken thighs, roasted pork is also very good taste. Eating this food is saving more compared to eating in restaurants.


Rousong (肉鬆), also sometimes called meat wool, meat floss, pork floss, pork sung, is a dried meat product that has a light and fluffy texture similar to coarse cotton.

One of the “variant” of the rice balls that are popular in Saigon is rice balls fried with dry pineapple fish food. Instead of compaction, it is fried up, outside is crispy yellow, melting straw. While the white rice inside still flexible smooth, served with dried pineapple fried fish is salty taste, slightly sweet, not fatty. This dish dotted with sweet and sour tamarind sauce.

sour and sweet tamarind sauce

Small bowl of sour and sweet tamarind sauce.

Doing dishes – fried rice balls served with dried pineapple fish as follows:

Raw materials for 1 person eating this dish are:

  • 400 grams of white ric
  • 300 grams of dried pineapple fish (the light salty type)
  • 50 grams of carrots
  • 50 grams of white radish (to sour)
  • tamarind spicy
  • sugar
  • fine fish sauce
  • red pepper (for sauce)

How to make sesame seed rice balls as directed above. Using the thread cut rice balls into slices or fist rice balls like spring rolls. Then fried rice balls until crispy golden outside. Dried pineapple fish is fried also.

Carrots, white radish slice into fiber , add a teaspoon of sugar, 1 / 4 teaspoon salt, a little vinegar and stir up to sour.

Make sauce tamarind: tamarind fruit peeled (or buy tamarind peeled is available in the market). Crush tamarind in hand with a little water in a cup. Then draw off the tamarind juice, put in a pot, add sugar into and boiling water until viscous, then prompted to add fish sauce, chilli, garlic and taste for good seasoning.

Golden fried sesame seeds rice balls with plastic inside, served with fried dried pineapple fish. This dish dotted with tamarind sauce have very interesting and strange taste.

Seasame seeds rice balls fried with dry pineapple fish food

Sesame seeds rice balls fried eat with dried pineapple fish.

Watch more on youtube:

Grilled Rib key – rice balls

Enjoy the rustic dishes in  Vietnamese rice balls restaurants (Restaurant “Cơm Nắm Việt”)

Located at 151B Hai Ba Trung Street, District 1, HCMC, rice balls Vietnamese restaurant opened on the occasion of 30.04.2010, for those customers wishing to enjoy the rustic foods, bold Vietnamese quality.

“Specialty” dishes of “Com Nam Viet” restaurant are: rice balls + 3 dishes of sesame salt, more particularly, the dried shrimp in Bac Lieu and dry cheeks poached snakehead fish served with rice balls. Rice balls dish sounds simple but took from selecting and cooking rice very carefully, must be flexible rice, sweet, aromatic and then cooked in charcoal, this dish attached to the Vietnamese village life for a long date.



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