Sea crab flushed with spicy

sea crabs flushed spicy

Weekend meals of your family will be richer and more interesting with this dish. Here’s how to make crab flushed with spicy dishes with material for 4 people to eat.


– 2 sea crab (about 1 kg)

– 1 bunch of citronella root, garlic, shallots, fresh red chilies, fish sauce, lime juice, green onion , bean sprouts, half of a onion.


– Use a brush to clean the crabs clinging dirt and rinse thoroughly, drain. Peel the outer skin of the citronella root, cut into thin bezel, remove chilies seeds and cut into slices. Thinly sliced onion, shredded by hand to each layer of the onion. Peel garlic, minced.

– A teaspoon of oil into heated pan, the onion, chilies, citronella root to stir for several minutes, scoop a disc for separate use. Next, mix half a rice-eating-bowl of water, 2 tablespoons fish sauce, 1 tablespoon lemon juice to boil. Crab gently placed into the pan, heat medium heat for 10-15 minutes until cooked crab, crab picked up and presents on the disc.

– The remaining water in the pan, add green onion finely chopped , onions, chilies, citronella root into boiling water for dried down a bit. Adding a few bean sprouts, mix them up and then flush into your presented crabs disc, sprinkle golden shallots on top. Dot crab with chilies sauce mixed with lemon sauce a little spicy taken from the steamed crabs soup.

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