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The beaches at Vung Tau

As the front of Vung Tau, located south-west, also called the beach "Ocean Vision" - Find the sun. At sunrise and sunset, red as the sun melts into the vast sea. Front Beach as a half moon ring back on land titles, two heads are mountains Relativity States and Tao Feng. Natural paint aquatic organisms created for romantic beach scene before the anchor of the ship returned from the voyage. Front beach planting palm reading so many formerly called Coconut Bay Store. Now some shady coconut bowl and add the blue eagle of the trees, plants and ceramics. Beneath the cool shade of trees rop is a park full of flowers for pedestrians ruined ... the melodious sound waves. Vung Tau city center is located at Front Beach area with several buildings, new hotels and modern are springing up increasingly adorn Front Beach has a beautiful ancient and modern. At night, along Tran Phu Boulevard, said the bright lights with high pressure systems, on the windy tall buildings, vibrant cafes full of colors like light shining shimmering in the distance along the ship anchor light blue with red sun shines on the sea spreads to the beachfront create a charming beauty of the night.


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Posted by thukhoa - March 9, 2011 at 3:59 pm

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