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Area: 20,092 m2 – Price: 20,000,000 / m2 – – SALE TO CUSTOMERS BUY MORE GAS NAYNham launching of high-rise complex consists Trade Center, the Office …

ban the retail podium Nguyen An Ninh, Vung Tau City
KT: 05 x 20 m – Price: 6,000,000,000 – for sale house lot at Trade Center, Ward 7, Vung Tau City. The fifth floor area of ​​357.5 m2. Land area 100m2. The Southeast, is the VP …

KT: 3.6 x 14 m – Price: 950 000 000 – 3.6 X 16 = 57m DT COVER HEAT 1 1 ground NGHIEPNHA LAUHEM LOIGIA LE 950 SALE SEE TRIEULH 0907980874.0908100616 HUNG
Real Estate New Ba Ria Vung Tau

Thanh Binh sale prices 13tr/m2 Villa
KT: 15 x 25 m – Price: 13,000,000 / m2 – Dat Thanh Binh Villas, 5 Beach Road in Chi Linh, Ward 10, Vung Tau City, which is considered the golden land of Vung Tau, the sea nice …

Vung Tau

land in Long Dien District, Red Book, there were infrastructure
KT: 5 x 18 m – Price: 2,200,000 / m2 – Land Vung Tau Long Dien District, Ba Ria Vung Tau. Infrastructure has improved, beautiful location, the commercial center of Ba Ria 1km, how …

FOR Rent
KT: 6.7 x 13 m – Price: 7,000,000 / month – Address 162 Ly Tu Trong Ward 3 – TP. Vung Tau.Dien the house 93 m2, moi.Hai bedroom house fully equipped air conditioning, TV, toilet, living room 01 …
Estate New Ms. Ria Vung Tau


Vung Tau Lan Anh 1, red book

KT: 5 x 2.19 m – Price: 3,200,000 / m2 – Land Vung Tau has a red book of the town of Ba Ria – Ba Ria – Vung Tau. Area 96-104m2, price …

Sale Apartment Vung Tau sea silver
Area: 105 m2 – Price: 19,800,000 / m2 – Silver Sea project coordinator pleased Tower City Vung Tau Sea Silver Tower high 20 floors 18 floors and 2 basements. Level 1 – Level 3 commercial supermarkets. …

Selling the mansion

Phuoc Son project, P. 11, VT
KT: 10 x 18 m – Price: 10,500,000 / m2 – Residential Project Phuoc Son, located in Ward 11, Vung Tau, near the Metro supermarket, opposite the new Le Quy Don, near the center row. ..

sale or lease of apartments Apartment vungtau – very nice sea view 2
Area: 77 m2 – Price: 1,950,000,000 – vungtau Apartment.DT Apartment 77 m2. 2BR. There are fully equipped and furnished. In the two front corners are ngay.Can – View of sea. Floor 12.Gia 1.95 billion sale …

Tips on how

to buy a house

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