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Houses for sale – Ban the four main cycles Pham Hong Thai. Car hem.

Board issued four major cycles Pham Hong Thai. Car hem.
 - Price: 900 million -Board level 4. 5 m long 10 m level. hem 4m 100m from the main road Pham Hong Thai. currently leased 3 million / month. Who needs contact Tel 0983573673

reach the alley 828 per, 350trieu, dt 100m2.
 - Price: 350 million – Land for sale 828 per alley, red book of agricultural land owners.Area of ​​20 mx 05 m = 100 m2, 04m wide road, PRICE 350.000.000d.Residential, near school level 1,2,3, coconut incision, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone.Contact 0908.879.899 A. ..

Land for sale 828 per retired p 11, 350 million.
 - Price: 3.5 million / m2 – Land for sale 828 per alley, p 11 Vung Tau.Agricultural land red book the server, dt 5 x 20 = 100m2.GIA 350 MILLION.Populated areas, 04 m, near the levels 1,2,3, coconut incision, Dong Xuyen Industrial Zone, TP pool …

Spain Hem 828 soldiers p11, 650 million
 - Price: 650 million – Spanish cap 4, Hem 828 soldiers, p11, 4m wide concrete road, near the cap 1,2,3 for rach based, utilities grade du.Gia oil you 650 trieu.Lien he A United 0908.879.899

SALE HOUSE southeast facade Truong Cong Dinh
 - Price: 6 Rate – The first 2 floors thoroughly beautiful front line public school. position-opening trading business, the company nearly fell 5 dockDt 4×29 = 116 m2 window at xdEast-southFrontage road public school$ 6 …


hem 6X17 59 Phan Chu Trinh SALE CHEAP
 - Price: 2 Billion – Land alley 59 Phan Chu Trinh Ward 2, residential location dep.khu stable, 5 meter wide alleys, security, quiet, cool, need to sell urgently money, nice houses, offices intelligent, very appropriate, build a houseDt 6×17 = 102 m2 residentialWest-north-The 5 …

 - Price: 1.05 Billion – BEAUTIFUL HOUSE FOR 4 XINH alley Truong Cong Dinh F7, Vung Tau CENTER, REGIONAL SECURITY, clean, airy, quiet, staff, HEM WIDTH OF HOUSE BUILDING 2008 BUILDING FOR In, BEAUTY, 1 living room 1 bedroom 1 GAC MORE 1 DINING ROOM, KITCHEN, WELL …

 - Price: 1.7 Billion – The level 4 alley 286 Le Hong Phong, Ward 4, near the intersection of five, beautiful location2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen, skylight, ca61 buy at the rightDt 108 m2 pink bookNorth east,Duong3.8 metersPrice 1.7 billionDt0918186393 …

SALE HOUSE LEVEL 4 HEM three CU 1.2 billion
 - Price: 1.2 Billion – Division 4 BA CU alley F4, BEAUTIFUL LOCATION CENTER HEM WIDTH 6 meters, near the main road.DT 4X10 = 40 M2 residentialNorth-EastAt 6 metersGIA1, 2 BILLION T / CompensationDT0918186393 A.MANHDIRECT CUSTOMERS GOODWILL PURCHASE, THANK YOUVAN …
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

House for rent in Le Hong Phong
 - Price: 5.2 Billion – 3 level home front, Le Hong Phong Street 1 3 Floor philosopher, nice location, convenient trade in, DE O, building office for rent, VI HE 6 meters wideDT4.5X17.6 M2 = 79.2 M2 RED COVER fact 85 M2North-EastMT Le Hong Phong5.2 COMPANY …

Tips on how to buy a house

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Houses for sale – sale of land resettlement Go Cat large corner lot Phan Boi Chau

resettlement land for sale, Go Cat large corner lot Phan Boi Chau
 - Price: 720 million -Lot for sale, relocation BV 700 extra 300m, with full facilities

subdivision land for sale Chiling 1 billion 650 million
 - Price: 1.65 Billion – Land for sale the resettlement area Chiling corner lot, Nguyen Huu Canh, P.Thang Best, residential pink book.Horizontal area of ​​98 m2 5.68 m, southwest and northwest.The sidewalk 7m 5m = 12 m1 billion 650 million price.Contact Tel 0918 …

raw house for sale in Phu My-Xincheng-BRVT – 1.5 billion
 - Price: 1.5 Billion – Phu My rough for sale, near the port of Phu My Chinfon-monitoring oil Phu My Apartment Building, the crowded residential area, convenient to business sectors such as hotels min , motels, grocery, food, clinics, … DT campus 5×15, DT floor …

dirt cheap rent in Nguyen Manh Hung TX.BARIA
 - Price: 2.4 Billion – for sale 1 Lot frontage roads Nguyen Manh Hung TX. BA RIA, asphalt 12m wide planning, a main road frontage Nguyen Van Cu 100m, near colleges, markets, hospitals, busy populated area, close to the …

LAND SALE CHEAP IN TOWN PHU MY, Tan Thanh district (11 X 43)
 - Price: 1.2 Billion – land for sale in Van Hanh street, Phu My Town, main roads 6m, the way Sun Tung 90m, from highway 51 to 1km, located in a crowded mall thriving, stable, complete infrastructure and convenient for …

Sale Lot Environment Ha Huy Giap 730tr
 - Price: 730 million – 1 Residential Lot for sale 100, the front Ha Huy Giap, the Dist. Ba Ria, 10 meters wide asphalt planning, nearly 700-bed hospital, market, school intermediate Y, preschool, grade I, II, III, development of infrastructure, the …

condominium sales HODECO (Vung Tau Coopmart)
 - Price: 15.5 Million / m2 – apartment situated in the heart of the city, the ground floor is supermarkets Coopmart, opposite the supermarket Electric, phone, near the banks, very convenient for transportation services, shopping, entertainment, recreation … apartment security and protection …

Land Ba Ria – Vung Tau – 380tr/nen
 - Price: 380 million -Urban land red book the administrative center of Ba Ria 1 km and price 380tr/nen, the DT 5 x 20, clear legal papers, transfer fast procedure. 

apartment rental HODECO Vung Tau good
 - Price: 5 Million / month apartment located in the city center, lower ground floor is supermarkets Coopmart, opposite the supermarket Electric, phone, near the banks …residential security, security 24/24, 4 lifts, tunnel to 2-4 wheelers, high population area.housing …

Part Level 3, Phu My Town – Br-Vt – 3.4 Billion
 - Price: 3.4 Billion – beautiful house for sale in the town of Phu My, the front corner of Highway 51 and the road to Port Chinfon, the third level, there are 5 floors, fully equipped business facilities all industries clinics, banks, offices, hotels, etc., with the collection of …

Tips on how to buy a house

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