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Ma Pi Leng on global geological park

Ma Pi Leng

on global geological park

Inner Mongolia - Prairie Pride and romantic

Inner Mongolia – Prairie Pride and romantic

Autumn is an ideal time for tours in Inner Mongolia (China), the prairies contain many interesting things. In here, you can go up to eye level untouched.

Ma Pi Leng

on global geological park

Ma Pi Leng Pass

located in the geological park in Dong Van (Ha Giang), which is recognized as a global geological park. Pass Road along the mountainside, romantic, just spectacular, a destination of tourists.

Road to Dong Van, Meo Vac through the stone forest cat ears, commensurate with the name

Road to Dong Van, Meo Vac through the stone forest cat ears, commensurate with the name “stone plateau.”

There are rocks of the mountain bearing strange shapes and values ​​exhibited a rare geological outcrops in Asia

There are mountain shaped stones bearing odd, so valuable geological outcrops display.

Happy Tang cliff on cliffs and steep slopes

on Road Happiness steep cliffs and steep slopes.

Ma Railway Pass Pi Leng

Railway Ma Pi Leng Pass.

Nho Que River is the deepest canyons in Southeast Asia want to go trekking from Pass Road to the water, it takes half a day.

Nho Que River is the deepest canyon in Southeast Asia. Want to pass away from the road surface takes half a day.

Align=center> majestic Rockies in Ma Pi Leng in geological park is the great inspiration, inexhaustible resource for filmmakers and scientific research

majestic Rockies in Ma Pi Leng in geological park is the inspiration for filmmakers and scientific research.

Clouds over mysterious sun rocky mountain plateau ...

Cloud mysterious sun on the mountain plateau rocks …

Here many years ago Dry each constant thirst, the lakes now appear hung by the Prime Minister gave the people. Water is precious to watch people carefully use water to eat.

many years been constantly thirsty dry, the lake now appears suspended by the Prime Minister gave the people. Precious water sources were careful to look after people’s access to drinking water daily.
White Girls class=”Image”>

White Girls span Mongolia step of the way through Ma Pi Leng Happiness. The road is built with blood and sweat of thousands of years of resistance - and national

The sustainable village Mongolia Perfectly survive on the rocky plateau, where the first place northernmost country

The village on the Mongolian plateau ice, where the local country head north pole.
Ma Pi Leng

, translated literally means horse nose. Translate that this is the dangerous pass to go through the horse must also promoted chickened out a bit optimistic. The late decades of the 50th century, the Government has made the street named Happiness Ha Giang connection with two upland districts in Dong Van and Meo Vac is, second cliff where the northernmost district of the country.

To this path has tens of thousands of workers from throughout the Northern Province. Particularly the Ma Pi Leng, because too dangerous, so when each cm stone chisel to set foot in half to find a place, every day there are dozens of people living memorial to her on a rope and hang from the trees receptor down.

ders road formation around the back of the mountain, where the Nho Que River rocks, deep gorges and spectacular Southeast Asia. Nho Que River Canyon about 800 m deep, geological fault is formed on Kainozoi century, some 32 million years ago to 15 million years under the slide by the left. About 5 million years ago, active faulting mechanism with slip to create the current alley.

present, Ma Pi Leng is an indispensable destination when visiting geological park in Dong Van, is recognized as the global geological park on 3 / 10 / 2010. In the area, mostly populated with white Mongolian cultural identity unique, almost pristine.

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