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Houses for sale – Land for sale, main roads 10×40, 100 residential

main roads Land for sale 10×40, 100 residential
 – Price: 360 Million – Residential stability, intellectual community, traffic is convenient to main roads, the village road 14 is 100 meters high ground in dry, cool, close to schools, near market, clinic International ……… suitable for resort investors, business, …

Lam Phuoc

Land 360m2, with 250m2 residential sale, south
 – Price: 650 Million – Residential stability, intellectual community, land line about 5m wide concrete, earth turns south, cool, tall, clean, have a certificate in land planning, close schools, near the market …….. 400m from the sea, the village road 5 …

Long Hai stable Land for sale, villas suitable for making
 – Price: $ 2.2 Billion – Residential stability, high population, high ground in dry, cool, clean, earth turns southeast, between the 36m and the Provincial Road 44A, 8m wide road, like for investors as villas, resorts, holiday homes, business …

Long Hai

​​ Land for sale 2700m2, 20m wide road
 – Price: $ 2.4 Billion -Land tall cool, dense population, convenient transportation, Long Hai beach 1km, convenient resort for investors, making the garden ……… can sell half. Price 900 ngan/m2 sale. A Tan Please contact 0938382569

Long Hai 96m2 Land

price of 100 million
 – Price: 100 Million -Residential stability, high population, high and dry land, a certificate in planning land, near St. 3, 2km Long Hai beach, near the market. near the school ……. Please contact A A Thai Tan 0919928811 0938382569

place Route 56 away from the Grand Chau Duc
 – Price: $ 1.1 Billion -Residential land vuon 300M 68X55 HORIZONTAL SO DO HOW QL56 asphalt LXA 9M MAI.XUAN Ngai Giao LANGLON 70m, H CHAU DUC GIA BRVT 1.1 billion TL LH0902228222 HOAC0907409933 GAP OR AN bidomain QC

36m frontage land for sale, 10×30, 50 residential, the Southeast
 – Price: 1.5 Billion – residential stability, intellectual community, convenient traffic, road frontage 36m, suitable for business investors, resort, near the big tourist Beachresort, Ky Van , Dinh Co, ……. how Thuy Duong Dinh Co public beach 1km, Price …

Long Hai

​​ 2900m2 land for sale cheap $ 750 million
 – Price: 750 Million – residential stability, convenient transportation, suitable for investors to do the garden, resort, raising the asphalt …… tourist eco Jade Bone 150m Road to 4m wide, near schools, near market, 2km from the sea, on …

Provincial Highway 44A frontage sale, land 2 132m2 residential frontage whole
 – Price: 1.5 Billion – residential stability, intellectual community, convenient transportation, tourism in the heart of Long Hai Town, the 298, 300m from the sea, land two facades, wide asphalt 20m, suitable for investors with holiday homes, hotels, restaurants …

The sale area 298, 8×25, full residential, southwest
 – Price: $ 1.2 Billion – Residential stable, quiet place, convenient for investors and business houses, clean and airy, the center of tourism of Long Hai town, 200m from the sea, is the public beaches Dinh Co, a major road No. 9 Long Hai is 50m, with …

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style=”float:left;margin:5px;”> Chanakya - Episode 33

‘Chanakya’ was a renowned Indian scholar and teacher to the Maurya Emperor Chandragupta. We bring you Dr. Chandraprakash Dwivedi’s popular television series ‘Chanakya’, a 47-part historical drama Indian television that won the prestigious Awards in the year 1992 Uptron. The series takes us through the life of Chanakya, His works – Chanakya Neeti and Arthasastra. His Teachings on politics, economics and social welfare can be used in the modern world ‘even today. The narration of the story has been kept simple to match up with the finest details that begin from the early life of Vishnugupta (Chanakya) in the kingdom of Magadha to the historic Rebellion against Alexander under the Leadership of Chandragupta Maurya and ends with the Coronation of Chandragupta Maurya as the King of Magadha. The critically acclaimed show is definitely worth watching for its authentic costumes, artistic value and most importantly to strengthen our relationship with the Indian history. Episode Synopsis: Vishnugupta addresses the intellectual group of the city urges them to walk on the right path. Later on Dhananada questions the Mayor of the city and Amatya to throw out Vishnugupta Tells from the state. Jeevsidhi convnces Dhananada to give up the thrown and make Sukesh the crown prince.
Video Rating: 4/5

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Houses for sale – or you put the Long Toan Tran Quang Dieu, Ba Ria-

The road surface

land-Long Toan Tran Quang Dieu, Ba Ria
 – Price: $ 1.4 Billion – Land road surface, The Long Toan, marginalizedLand located at the center, near schools pedagogical Ba Ria, near the administrative procedures … BRVT province, an area of ​​300 m2 residential land,Sale 1.4 billion12 x 30 m areaTo the west …

Home front

Hung Vuong, TT Ngai Giao 1.5ty price
 – Price: 1.5 Billion – The demand for investment in Ho Chi Minh City, raising business capital, sell house TT Ngai Giao Chau Duc district, Ba Ria-Vung Tau.Address Duc Trung Hamlet, Binh Ba, Chau Duc district.Red Book of the legal owner. Be issued on 04.23.2004.Area …

affordable housing can ban duong 30-4
 – Price: 750 Million – I have a house located in Duong 30-4 tp f12 tau can ban. the level 4 dep. 10x11m area topology. property comprises 1 bedroom, 1 room, 1 room kitchen dep don o right. house frontage has 4, 7 m wide main facade and the hem around the house rong 4 m. o populated areas, there is no …

two front land for sale Long Full – Ba Ria
 – Price: 4 USD / m2 -Two front land area 100 square meters 310 square meters of land, 210 square meters of agricultural land nghiep.Doi Parish area Long Full – Ba Ria.$ 4 million / square meter.Mr. Binh contact 0908514679.


owned a villa land plots Lan Anh Project 1 Ba Ria Vung Tau cheap
 – Price: 2.8 USD / m2 – Dac project site location, convenient transportation is connected with the arteries as Nguyen Van Cu, Vo Van Kiet, Vo Thi Sau, Cach Mang Thang Tam, Hung UnitedLong Hai beach 7km, 15km Vung Tau. Binh …

homeownership opportunities City 4 Hoa Lan Anh Project Long Ba Ria Vung Tau Town cheap
 – Price: 300 Million – Part townhouse project Lan Anh 4 TT 300 million received just the right finishing, Vo Van Kiet frontage roadPlanning Project Number 4 favorable position, convenient transportation is connected with the arteries as …


red book Lan Anh Ba Ria near the new administrative center
 – Price: 2.2 USD / m2 – plots for sale a facade project Lan Anh Vo Van KietPlan No. 4 position favorable projects within 2km full utilitiesLargest hospital BRVT, vocational secondary schools …

land for sale in Ba Ria, Long Toan Berimex project
 – Price: 6.1 USD / m2 – Part construction project Berimex Long Toan Vo Van Kiet frontage road plan No. 4Dac project site location within a radius of 1km with full utilitiesLargest hospital BRVT, vocational secondary schools …

land for sale red book Baria front Vo Van Kiet
 – Price: 4.5 USD / m2 – Need money transfer land than 90m2, the housing project in Ward Heart Long Ba Ria town Barimex Jointstock by the Company as an investor, improve infrastructure. had a red book, the project is located in existing residential crowded, traffic …

sale a ground Baria project Lan Anh Vo Van Kiet front
 – Price: 6.3 USD / m2 – I need to sell a lot more than a facade DA Lan Anh Vo Van KietPlan No. 4 position favorable projects within 2km full utilitiesLargest hospital BRVT, vocational secondary schools …

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