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House for sale in Ho Chi Minh city – C4 9

C4 9

Tuesday, 22.11.2011, 00:34 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
for sale than the level 4 (Posted 11/22/2011 ):
Existing DT 108.5 m2 (5:35 X 20 m). DT 81.1 m2 built. Pink Paper 2007. Layer was 3.5 months XD permission 11/2011.
The east alley 3.0 m, is about to open on 6 meters, two-sided canyons. Located in the alley near 74th street VP 5, Phuoc Long A, Q9. How to project the North canal 100 m.
Price: 01.06 billion. Free intermediaries.
LH: British Use of Dung 0903.770.379 or 0913,818,079.

Ho Chi Minh

Hiep Binh Chanh


Monday, 11.21.2011, 15:33 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Tam Binh Hem 17, HBC, Thu Duc (3 Adjacent base this year)
– Apartment 1: Land 7×14 = 98m, the casting a plate, red book price 1.600.000.000d
– Apartment 2: 3×14 = 42m, for grade 4, with a Mezzanine, paper hand : 500,000,000 VND
– Apartment 3: 4×14 = 56m, for grade 4, with a Mezzanine, paper hand: 750000000 e
Hem 17: 5m into the car to the


Ton Theory

Monday, 11.21.2011, 16:07 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
small area 46.55 m2, revised, simple, beautiful, fit young couple, 1PN, PK, kitchen, VS south windows Overlooking the Phu My Hung.
high floor, Ventilation, Air-Conditioned mà was almost not used. Take District 1, District 5 first 3 minutes.
Address: Apartment No. 1 Ton That theory, p1, q4 TP ** *** ****
Software Price: 24 mil/m2
Contacts: Dung 0983377299 (the owner sold)
Their photos up without , her children are Interested message mail address I can send pictures through to see.

Ho Chi Minh

bank, sold more than the two side canyons

Monday, 11.21.2011, 13:21 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
beautiful alley, a ground floor cast a Mezzanine, furnished, 2 bedrooms, a living room, a living room, a kitchen, a WC; the Eastern bus station 3 km, the District 1 only 20 minutes by motorbike. Land area 55m2 (4×13.5m), large in back, 80m2 living space, red book 2010. New home move-in at the right fix, Gorge cars, high population, security, Ventilation, near Markets, schools, not flooded, Electricity, water main, cable, telephone and internet. Price 1.15 billion to negotiate.
Address: Street 23/14/1A 48 (Kha Van Can), KP6, P. HBChanh, Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh City, Hung: 090 293 3536


cheap land for sale Houses

Monday, 11.21.2011, 10:56 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Houses Land SALE IN
Located at Huynh Tan Phat, Phu Xuan Commune, Nha Be district. LH: 0908 729 679
Since the project could go to Phu Xuan Commune 1km, 2km from Nha Be District People’s Committee; Phu Xuan Market 4.5 km, Phu My Hung 6km …
The project is located in existing residential areas, are built around high-rise buildings and villas, Adjacent to the school level II, III Le Van Huu Phu My Thuan KDC, …
size 80 only the area of ​​50m2 – 80m2. Price only 6.5 triệu/m2 – 8 triệu/m2
How to book fast. Get 10tr/nen booking, a refund will nếu không buy, quick hands to pick locations. The project
Customers Promises to bring average incomes have a dream home and a spacious living space, quiet.
lh: 0908 729 679 Thy Mis – The Great Vietnamese Investment Group


14.4tr/m2 Adjacent apartments in Phu My Hung, price shock

Monday, 11.21.2011, 11:00 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
MT Nguyen Huu Tho, Q7, the Cheapest region
Gold House is Adjacent apartment in Phu My Hung, located in the master’s apartment, Phu Long Park, Kenton-City, and Raised villas-Tran Tan An
Facilities: pool, 36 hole golf course, spa ….
Area: from 96m2
Payment: 10 installments, each separated by 02-month period, I have finished the rough and took the roof
Price: The 14.400.000/m2 (not Including taxes + PBT)
Special: BIDV bank loan no proof income
NH Contact: K. 0908 729 679 Thy


Saigon Binh Chanh Residence new projects

Monday, 11.21.2011, 07:57 GMT +7 (Property listed time)
Binh Chanh red book “SAIGON RESIDENCE” only 7 million /
m2 Land west of Binh Chanh KDT Saigon “Saigon RESIDENCE” only 144 triệu/m2

Land Binh Chanh red book “SAIGON RESIDENCE” size 12.3 ha, located on the front of Tran Dai Nghia (‘re planning to expand 40m), located in dense residential living, the rotation of An Lac 5km, 7km West a bus station, Convenient to the city center along the East-West Highway, Kinh Duong Vuong … The project is planned with full modern Amenities v.d. shopping center, schools, parks administration – Cultural, Medical Center, sports, public parks infrastructure … nearly 70% complete can get the right building.

The area of ​​the city: 87.5 – 110m2, the price the Investor base, flexible payment Divided into six batches. Attractive discount. Special projects does not force them out of the construction period, the Investor reputation and legal transparency.
7trieu/m2 price, Customers will get a coupon worth 5trieu the date of publication of staff, visiting projects in Vietnam National company.
Hotline: 0977 55 99 79.


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Houses for sale – land sale 49 / 2 Luong Van Can

land sale 49 / 2 Luong Van Can
KT: 5 x 17 m – Price: 1,900,000,000 – 5 meters of land across its eight 17-meter-long southwest 900tr 1 billion sale price to buy one LH 0945.90.43.72

land sales alley 49 Nguyen Binh Khiem
KT: 5 x 22 m – Price: 2,000,000,000 – 22-5 level land north east sale price of two companies who need to buy LH 0945.90.43.72

land sales Luong Van Can Alley 6 meters
KT: 5 x 20 m – Price: 2,300,000,000 – 20-5 level land south and west, residential sale price of 2 billion 300 million who need to buy LH 0945.90.43.72

land 5×20 = 100m2, with 40m2 residential street 4m, is building, near the measurement, p11, Vung Tau City. 900 million
KT: 5 x 20 m – Price: 900 million – selling land area 5×20 = 100m2, with 40m2 residential 4m frontage roads, residential areas, built around the 3.4 level, villa, near the urban wage , p11, Vung Tau City ….

the level 4 in Lam Son to sell $ 1.2 billion more than 810m2 dt
KT: 23 x 35 m – Price: 1,200,000,000 – I have a 4-level house at Lam Son. As to other places, I urgently need to sell cheap. Land width 23m, length 35m, if you have any requirements buy land …

apartment for rent fully furnished, luxurious. cheap
Area: 69 m2 – Price: 8,000,000 – real photos of Lakeside Park Corner same ocean view sunrise from your apartment. Lakeside …


51B Highway frontage land. F11 Tau.Gia City Vung Tau Vung cheap Metro opposite.
KT: 6 x 18 m – Price: 11,900,000 / m2 – Franchise 51B Highway frontage land. F11 Vung Tau City Vung Tau.Gia Metro opposite Tau.Quyet cheap right now to get the dc of the …

ban gap
KT: 31.5 x 88 m – Price: 1,400,000,000 – I need to sell more than a plot of land in communal Hac Dich, h. Tan Thanh, T. Ba Ria – Vung TauDT 2772m2Tho 150m2Cay longtime residents 2622m2Lien Phan Thi HangDia system only …
Estate Page Best Ba Ria Vung Tau


KT: 4 x 33 m – Price: 2,800,000,000 – DT 4 x 33 Land at Lane NE 6m – Le Phung Hieu
The New Land of Ba Ria Vung Tau


SALE Le Hong Phong
KT: 4.64 x 2.17 m – Price: 1,800,000,000 – Land area 4.64 x 17.2 in 5.5 m wide DTXD 60m2 Canyon – South East

Tips on how

to buy a house

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