Ha Long in my eyes

Ha Long I realized that the most splendid when the sun, the water under the bright sun as a huge treasure. And even if you have a most difficult guests, you will also have to rush to capture the public a picture of this sky sparkling water.

If you say that Ha Long was charming and you dream of being back here so many times, it is certainly you will be very jealous of me because I usually come here a few times in a month. to Ha Long, it is my job, the job of a travel guide.

Ha Long is beautiful in my eyes and charming, but unlike the perspective of a visitor. The guiding hand is touching the shrimp, fresh fish in the dawn, are sitting heard so many stories about gods thrilling mountain river god from the fishing village people, the sailors who taught squid fishing at night, be clear on the railing of the crooked timber ships that travel to Halong see all season.

Ha Long I am familiar with that, just know is going to drop ship Luon cave, I will not forget to carry a few pieces of bread as a gift to my friends, cute monkeys or hanging on the cliff.

I first arrived here, the gulf of my knowledge is too sketchy. Do not want to make two of Italy took the guests happy during their honeymoon sweet, I had to “compose” a couple of new legends. For example, I was just a lake in the Sung Sot cave and tell them that the old days, there is the beautiful fairy often to bath so often blue lake year round. water is always cool in summer and warm in winter.

It is rumored that one can bathe in the lake will be ageless. The guests of my interest, they joked that the chance that they will return to the bath theft in this magical lake. The legend is a product of human imagination to make each piece of land even more mysterious and alluring. Later he became an experienced tour guide, I collected a lot of true legends of the local people, and how tourist are no less passionate.

binh minh

Ha Long dawn at sea. Photo: Vietnamese Tran Ha.

to Halong Despite countless times, but my feelings every time here is eagerness. I like watching the guests each time they are to be amazed that looks spectacular charm of Sung Sot Cave, Thien Cung … I’m excited to show them the wonderful works of nature on the cliffs … drunk and told them about the history of the bay, the victory Nguyen Mong has become legendary.


Enjoy Halong move through the season, I realize that


Halong most splendid when the sun, the water under the light bright sun as a huge treasure. And even if you have a most difficult guests, you will also have to rush to capture the public a picture of this sky sparkling water. Ha Long

most magical moment when a little rain waving, fog gently unfurl. The island green, the turtle rock formation, the lions, the whales … any hidden between a dim mist of smoke. A foreign visitor spoke to me “Looks like you’re in the fairy world.”


Ha Long

most romantic in the cool summer night, the lights of the cruise, the ship’s list of night tossed into the water sparkling. And you realize that even below the surface there is a sky so bright.


Ha Long

most pleasant autumn morning when the sky will be chilly, a little sea breeze soon as you have the old coat lightly pull up a bit, but sweet sea flavor will make me sleepy colors disappear and hearts so much serenity.


Ha Long

lovely nan especially when your boat’s ice floating on the bay fishing villages, the children rushed out waving to the guests. And we will not hesitate to smile back. A simple moment that our heart was only filled with the love of life, love their country.


Ha Long

to me is like, and I believe you will be a personal experience.


travel guides do, sometimes I feel very happy when the foreign guests enjoy sparkling blue sea of ​​Halong Bay and said, “Country of beautiful, and people here are lovely as is so deep blue water. “


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