I love the purple mist lam Ha Long

I love purple fog lam Ha Long

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I want to see rice terraces in the Northwest during the golden rice, because people hear a lot of compliments. I’m in HCMC, which can go from Wednesday evening until Sunday evening. Looking forward to the advice of you have experienced. (Zen)

do I love purple mist Ha Long

“Blue-violet as a symbol of mental strength, as a symbol of the greatness and courage unparalleled. The blue-violet that had spread everywhere, while looming around the pair of fighting cocks, Lu Huong when beset the top, “you write Vu Ngoc Thao.

Friends, I was in Ha Long, cultural work, lucky for me living on the gulf coast was beautiful. How many seasons have passed, each wind, coastal mountain wreath, color blue sea has existed and I have repeatedly asked that belief forward to friends and colleagues.

Despite more or less, but the sensuality of it do not all get out. And I love how the fall of Ha Long, se se wind, se se sun, sea as more dark, more bass u rock, and every morning we suddenly startled when the bay is like a giant picture wearing a huge blue-violet color in the mist …

someone did not understand my knowledge in three words lay in a winter morning when I take them to visit Ha Long Bay, blue purple mist. Well, it’s in the table shy violet blue haze on the horizon Ha Long, the large cloud swing squeezed through the undulating mountains on the bay. Look away, we are left eye space purple do as we are at a huge oil painting just a blue-violet

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fall, Ha Long will be cold, dark sea like more. Photo: Japanese Vy.


someone uttered, and not just lay the whole group of my heart that day are thoughtfully out the beauty that language. Although we know, the House agreed that Long is interesting watching the scene with a bay landscape created from stone and water, with the now legendary father to fight the enemy to keep the water dragon, dragon now, now dragon army, martial TB up and head high because the invaders were defeated.

full dragon gods that have fallen down or have been in this place after victory to claim sovereignty and territorial integrity of his country to this day Vietnam, the people of Vietnam to admire the greatness of his father with thousands of thousands of ramparts, temples of the dragon god created. Affordable, flexible dark dragon god, is paramount that each one of the artist, accomplished artist creating beautiful landscape, in which a blue-violet to the mainstream.

Blue purple as a symbol of spirit power, as a symbol of the greatness and courage unparalleled. The violet blue that had spread everywhere, while looming around the pair of fighting cocks, when beset Lu Huong or table top mountain village on the slopes ultramarine violet wildflowers between stone-mountain flowers is pure who grew up special name Ha Long overwhelmed a sharp retreat sky fog …


violet blue that has soaked into the natural perspiration of today’s young artists of Vietnam, soaked in fresh red blood of their artistic spirit the flame spreads out early markers and form a blue-violet paintings that I admire the exhibition somewhere in the individual and the group’s artists live in this land. The idea was that artists heading Hon Gai to take Vung Vieng fishing village to draw, to admire the beauty of the legendary Halong Bay.

If love Ha Long, respectfully priceless gift of nature to us, you go forward together with me this love.

class=Normal Vu Ngoc Thao

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