Streets of Hanoi on National Day

streets of Hanoi, the National Day

Launching vote Ha Long Bay as world natural wonderLaunching

vote Ha Long Bay as world natural wonders

Under “Sea Island Culture Week” at 29 / 8, Quang Ngai province has launched civil servants, employees, visitors and all people of the province voted as wonders of Ha Long Bay natural world.

streets of Hanoi, the National Day

Gold Star Red Flag

city flooded, thousands of people to visit President Ho Chi Minh mausoleum, the recreation, crowded stores, traffic congestion … are the images in Hanoi morning 2 / 9.
> jam jam people flock to the holiday home 2 / 9

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morning 2 / 9, weather cool in the capital, convenient for the trip, visiting the people.
Co Vietnam red roadside suspension.
families from the suburbs or surrounding provinces flock to the center.
One couple brought her grandchildren to play.
A father fed children were dressed out with flags on the steering wheel.
early age, many people have to wait for the opening hours for shopping and walking in the center Vincom.
And Ba Trieu street, the front of this mall congestion lasts.
Locally Hoan Kiem Lake, the young flock to this cool black.
The balloons of many colors peddling “encirclement” a passenger car in the province of the delegation to offer.
Family souvenir photograph the Hoan Kiem Lake.
Road, the park Thu Le port congestion when people look down on animals.
More Posts motorcycle coming up with keeping prices from 20,000 to 30,000 dong each.



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celebrate National Day on the Han River

skiing on the Han River celebrate the National Day

evening of 2 / 9, Da Nang thousands of people and tourists have flocked to the Han River to admire the skillful skiing display, after more than 30 years of absence.
> Hanoi City Ward National Day

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program by the Center for surfing events and festivals in Da Nang (the Department of Culture, Sport and Tourism Danang) held with the participation of surf club Huy Khanh Da Nang.
program contribute to promote the image of Da Nang with a dynamic and young tourists in the country. Along with lively music on the streets, people have seen performances Jetski …
class=”Image” even pulled Cano …
class=”Image” … surf canoes sometimes …
class=”Image” … surf canoes husband.
class=”Image” club members Huy Khanh also have the opportunity to perform and get into the Han River water.
performances combined Jetski and canoes pulled even.
class=”Image” Cano pulled even pull the country flags flying in the sky in the National Day of Da Nang.
program attracted the monitoring of thousands of people. Before 1975, the weekend, Han more exciting by the activities of his family skiing Ut motorcycle. Then, type of sport is no longer active, and Danang people often refer to events such as the Han River with beautiful memories.

Van Nguyen


Former U.S. Rep

. to Americans visiting Hanoi: Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum Square at sacred ground for all Americans.