Things to know when traveling by train in Vietnam

Let me share a few tips for those who like to travel by train.

  1. First, buy a ticket. If your group includes about 5 to 6, 10 people, please purchase tickets as early as possible. Purchase tickets as close to departure, then your team will not be in the same room, the same train.
  2. Food. On board there are only processed fast food or prepared and preserved as rice porridge, instant noodles, chips.
  3. Hygiene. Each train carriage has only one bathroom. Therefore, you should watch the clock to wake up before the train stopped about an hour to clean, wash your face.
  4. Luggage. From gate to the train station and the gate from the train station is a long road, so you should reorganize, pack luggage so that you can move easily.
  5. Clothing. Often we go to sleep at night waiting for the morning, train to arrive. Please dress lightly, so that you can comfortably sleep without clothes being creased.
  6. Finally, always bring a large scarf. The thicker the better. You can use it wrap pillow, or used as a blanket cover. Those who have trouble sleeping, are not familiar to sleep on strange bed, do not forget this important travel by train in Vietnam tips.

Travel by train in vietnam.

A group of people travel by train in Vietnam.


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