Houses for sale – 11 frontage road

frontage road 11
 – Price: 450 Million -Sale 160 m2, of which 40 m2.tho quarters, including $ 450 million to name, window hip in 2011, the First Road 11, Long Dien.Ngang town 8m x 20m long.
House New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

for sale apartments States HODECO Nam Khoi Nghia good price
 – Price: 850 Million – 14th floor apartment of 74m2 apartment States HODECO Nam Khoi Nghia, the windows look on Le Hong Phong. This should sell very good money.850 million 11.5 tr / m2 slightly negotiable.Everyone needs please contact the numbers …

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25th floor apartment A2 reduced 10% compared with the original investors
 – Price: 15.52 USD / m2 – A2 I need to sell apartments on the 25th floor Plaza apartment Vung Tau area 135.3m2, two front corner in the southeast and southwest, three large bedrooms, 02 bathrooms.Price decreased by 10 compared with 2.1 billion retail value of the investor.Everyone needs please …

H-22 Apartment Vung Tau Plaza apartment cheap prices
 – Price: 932 Million – apartments for sale H 22th of Vung Tau Plaza apartment with an extremely attractive price. The window view looks southwest toward the Bau Sen lake, bus, new markets, the city post office, the Lord Giang Tay ……. Northeast of the main door …

Apartment for sale

D-6 Vung Tau Plaza 19th floor super-cheap prices
 – Price: 14 USD / m2 – Apartment for sale, D-6 19th floor of Plaza Apartment Vung Tau extremely attractive price. Southwest doors, windows looking toward northeast Paradise resort, conference center, exhibition, half beach coastline …

a number of apartments for sale Vung Tau Plaza 14tr/m2 price
 – Price: 14 USD / m2 – Do folding design needs, we needed to sell a number of Vung Tau Plaza apartment on several levels and in different directions with an extremely attractive price with 14tr/m2 that you can own an apartment that you are dreaming.Price 14tr/m2 not …


1st house construction project staff under Export Import Company
 – Price: 14 USD / m2 – Currently Export Import Company announced offering of nearly 100 first ground with attractive incentives for customers. With many different areas and directions in accordance with feng shui of any person, property grab a …

apartment for sale 27 A-1 story of Vung Tau Plaza apartment super cheap prices
 – Price: 2.06 Billion – apartment for sale 27 A-1 story apartment of Vung Tau Plaza cheapest market today. Area 135.3 m2 3 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen, front door windows northeast southwest and northwest view of the bus …

apartment for sale apartment 7F C4 Vung Tau Plaza reasonable price
 – Price: 1.441 Billion – quick sale, 7th floor apartment C4 Vung Tau Plaza apartments at good prices. As one of two apartments were all voted as the best of Vung Tau Plaza apartment. Area of ​​93.9 m2 with 2 bedrooms, 1 living room and cool, kitchen …


Apartment 6th floor apartment Vung Tau Plaza reasonable price

 – Price: 1.392 Billion – D4 apartment for sale apartment on 6th floor of Vung Tau Plaza reasonable price. Area 90.7m2 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, dining room and kitchen. Doors Northwest Southeast window overlooking the sea so well suited for those who like …

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