Houses for sale – Apartment 4 star class Vung Tau City at attractive prices

class 4 star Apartment Vung Tau City at attractive prices
 – Price: $ 1.1 Billion – class 4 star Apartment Vung Tau City at attractive pricesApartment Vung Tau Plaza first-class house in Vung Tau,Front of Le Hong Phong, right center, opposite the Post Office .. design criteria …

than the C3

Sell Car alley Ngo Duc Ke Vung Tau
 – Price: $ 2.4 Billion -. Selling cars than the C3 alley Ngo Duc Ke Vung TauDowntown location, extensive car alley openStructural 1T, 1L1 livingroom, 3 bedrooms, 1Bep. Interior, water heater.Area of ​​4.5 x 20NE$ 2.4 …

Apartment Sale Advanced Son Thinh
 – Price: 12.5 USD / m2 – Apartment Son Thinh 26th floor apartment is ideally located on Thuy Van Street axisis the most beautiful roads in Vietnam, close to Thuy Van beach 50m, location apartment located in the tourist center of the …


Thanh Binh Vung Tau sea
 – Price: 17 USD / m2 – Villa Thanh Binh Vung Tau seaPart Lot 2 MT-level villa in Vung Tau Binh ThanhThe most prime location project, the main road into the beach resort 5 star classWell positioned for the restaurant business …


Thuy Van Hotel – Vung Tau

 – Price: $ 17.8 Billion – Transfer of Thuy Van Hotel – Vung TauSell ​​Thuy Van Street HotelIs located in the tourist center of the dock yardRegional concentration of hotels and restaurantsPosition 2 MT 5m frontage and alley frontage road …

beautiful apartment for sale, not at any time
 – Price: 14 USD / m2 -luxury apartments painted Thinh, the most beautiful location Vung TauArea 124M, $ 14 p / m is negotiable.Furnished apartment looking directly out to sea.For more information on apartments contact 0935 987 670. Meet The

Son Thinh

Apartment Vung Tau sea front location suitable resort.
 – Price: 12.5 USD / m2 – Apartment 106m $ 12.5 p / m. Apartment is located in the center of the coastal city of Vung Tau on the way Thuy Van. with furnished apartments and luxury can be specialized to the right.NWFor more information contact the owner …

Apartment Vung Tau Bau Sen Promotion 5% week on the occasion of Hung Thinh real estate
 – Price: 1.522 Billion – Located at the corner of Vo Thi Sau and Hoang Hoa Tham is the ideal location of the downtown area of ​​Vung Tau, a distance of 500 meters and only a few minutes walk to the beach is next to immensely enjoy cool air and …

home parks for sale

 – Price: $ 5.5 Billion -The sale of Asia.Area 164m2£ 5.5 billionNice house, solidly built. Including a basement, 2 floors, foundation columns, reinforced concrete floor. Load-bearing brick foundation. For further information please contact 0935 987 670 Meet The
Ms. New Estate Ria Vung Tau

Land Project

hurts to Vung Tau price, good investment opportunities.
 – Price: 11 USD / m2 – Complete system, population 40, City Center’s new location Vung Tau.Nam Complex houses Ward 10 residents, adjoining SEAVIEW, Metro, schools Le Quy Don, administrative center of Vung Tau, Front 51B …

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to buy a house

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