Houses for sale – Apartment for sale in Vung Tau Plaza re

apartment for sale in Vung Tau Plaza re
 – Price: 933 million – Sale 59m Low floor apartment, apartment in Vung Tau Plaza re. Luxurious design and airy. 1 bedroom apartment, 2 bathrooms, pancol, back bar. Own on the northeast, and a bedroom window view of Le Hong Phong, swimming pool, post office downtown, Ben …

for sale apartment 1 from Vung Tau Plaza in tot
 – Price: 1.3 Billion – for sale apartment 1 from Vung Tau Plaza area 59m 65 m 90.7 m 93.9 m 135.3 m at attractive prices between 900 million and 2.3 billion depending on lok AB, The height of the evidence and view. Needs contact phone number 01268.113.789 Cuong gap. Hurry contacted to own the cheap apartments …

front land for sale, Vo Thi Sau TDT 2434m2 Ward 2 tp. Dock
 – Price: 40 Rate – residential land for sale 2434m2 TDT Ward 2 tp. DockThe money you put Vo Thi Sau-Located in the heart of tp, dock- Business facilities, hotels, motels$ 40 billion-governmental negotiationsArea 14 x 100 TDT 2434 …

Sale + land in the city of Ba Ria (Long Huong)
 – Price: 5.3 million / m2 -143m2 land for sale, red book, the owner, sold 750 million priceContact phone number 0907906771 to meet her Clear 


cheap electricity, 5×20 SEPARATE COVER PRICE 90 MILLION
 – Price: 90 million / m2 -Lot for sale 5×20 dt = 100m, in particular red book fruit filling, near new hospital and Long Dien district southwest of the dragon box fill, land in residential areas, the two sides have housing, roads r = 8m, LH 0,985,393,936. 

DATKHU 18 FLOOR BOARDS, KT, 5.4X16.56 = 89.4M2, northwest, 1.7 billion
 – Price: 1.7 Billion -Land for sale FLOOR AREA 18, KT 5.4X16.56 = 89.4 M2Northwest COMMITTEE 1.7 billion negotiableDUOG 10 m wide, LH Ms VAN, 0,918,420,557 0,933,832,557

selling the good crystal 1 1 ground floor northwest 580 million
 – Price: 580 million – Sale alley 3m Le Loi 1 ground 1 long, 6 Ward, Vung TauArea 8m x 3.5m = 28mNorth west, red cover residential land, alley 3mPrice negotiable 580 millionEM Contact 0907129951 to 0937607844

Ngo Duc Ke street selling car alley 115m northwest 1 billion 650
 – Price: 1.65 Billion – Sale 4m ground sugar 1 1 Ngo Duc Ke long, Ward 7, Vung TauThe area of ​​5m x 23m = 115mThere are 80 m2 of residential landNorthwest alley 4m1,650 Price negotiableEM Contact 0907129951 to 0937607844


Sell Land
 – Price: 2.1 Billion -$ 2.1 billionArea 5 m X 17 m = 75 M2NorthwestSugar beautiful homeCONTACT …
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

1 Sale 1 Ground Floor Xo Viet Nghe Tinh MT
 – Price: 2.2 Billion -$ 2.2 billionSize 3.7 m X 20 m = 74 M2NorthwestSugar beautiful homeCONTACT …

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