Houses for sale – beautiful house for rent in Le Hong Phong Street

beautiful house for rent in Le Hong Phong Street
 – Price: 4.9 Billion – Need to sell the first three storey façade of Le Hong Phong, Ward 4Area of ​​4 x 18 = 70m2Northeast, beautiful pink cover, if willing to buy please contact to see the house and papers4.9 billion price negotiable with …

home for sale 4 alley Huyen Tran Cong Chua
 – Price: 1.2 Billion -4 level home alley Princess Huyen Tran, Ward 8DT 4 x 10 = 40m2South West, alleys car, full papersEnsure beautiful home$ 1.2 billionContact 0933216338

the owners villa for sale very cheap price Le Hong Phong, gifts whole interior.
 – Price: 12 Rate -DTKV 14mx24m asphalt 12m wide, was designed by architect company ground 1lau.Furniture imported high-end, luxury design cool, neat, secure areas, quietNew home includes 1 ground floor, …

Need money, lower their prices immediately.
 – Price: 1.45 Billion – beautiful level 4. Is about to open wide 31M. Compensation procedures. Toward the northeast. For the land area potential. Red Book Home, Residential 300m2. Need to meet the good faith bargaining buy. Primary post …

land for sale on highway 51B 100m
 – Price: 600 million / m2 – currently open project the front façade land. Is located just 100 meters of highway, way CPC 50m, 8m wide road ….The total area of ​​the red book is 601m2Residential land in that area is …

Sell Hotels beautiful 3 star 4500m2, east, Tran Phu, Ho Vung Tau.120ty, 0907003377 Phuc
 – Price: 120 Billion -Sell ​​beautiful 3 star Hotel, area 4500m2, crowded, Tran Phu, Vung Tau City, upscale amenities, including two villas and ks for lease, 120ty Phuc Anh tel 0907003377

Sell Vo Van Tan
 – Price: 20.5 Million / m2 -Close to schools, close to oil ports, warehouses and workshopsDT 10x20User TN4.1 billion lease 10tr/thangPlease contact 0933.016.389 Ms Thuy 
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

Land for sale MT Nguyen Thien Thuat
 – Price: 23 million / m2 -Existing residential areas, near schools, improve infrastructureDT 118 – 95 – 81 m2NWPrice 23tr/m2Please contact 0933.016.389 Ms Thuy

Land for sale in the heart of Tp.V Train (lanes 5 m): 16.2 million
 – Price: 16.2 Million / m2 – 5m alley on Nguyen Binh Khiem Street, a quiet residential area, airy, near market, sea hoc.Cach 1km.DT 105 m2 75m2 residential landPrice 16.2 millionNorth EastPlease contact 0933.016.389 Ms Thuy

tourist apartment in the heart of the sea: 12 million
 – Price: 12 million / m2 – Prime location at Back Beach Vung Tau, ideal for tourist resortVung Tau facing the largest parks, luxury villasNear commercial centers, schools, markets, tourism, national conference center …DT from 50m2 …

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