Houses for sale – beautiful villa for sale 14x17m 2 storey Vung Tau tp Tran Phu Street. 8 billion

beautiful villa for sale

14x17m 2 storey Vung Tau tp Tran Phu Street. 8 billion
 – Price: $ 8 billion -Part two 14x17m 2 storey beautiful villa tile roof, security zone, center, Tran Phu, Vung Tau. Pink book. 8 billion. Phuc Anh Tel 0907.003377

Need money, folding cutting prices.
 – Price: 1.15 Billion -Discount. Housing for 29 of the road Dang Nguyen. The area of ​​238m2. 100 residential. There is the level 4 beautiful building area of ​​100m2.1 Timothy Price 150. One billion one hundred and fifty millionShe United Dt0902460405 LH

land villa for sale Phuoc Son, Price: 10.8 million
 – Price: 10.8 USD / m2 – villa for sale ground Phuoc Son project, Vung Tau. Behind Metro, near the Le Quy Don High School Vocational driving, Community College, near the hospital near the administrative center of the new, Vung Tau.Price 10.08 …

land for sale in the heart TPVT
 – Price: 11 USD / m2 – Land front of City Center’s new location Vung Tau.Nam Complex houses Ward 10 residents, adjoining SEAVIEW, Metro, schools Le Quy Don High administrative Vung Tau, Front 51B route …

to buy the level 4
 – Price: 400 Million -I need to buy a house for four ward 11 or 12 in Vung Tau. House with the Southeast, East, South, North. From 50-100m2 area. Price from 300-500tr. House is not in the planning and legal documents.
New land Ba Ria Vung Tau

the south east, front Ba Cu
 – Price: 10 Rate -the front part center line BA CUarea of ​​4 x 23 = 92 m23 floor houses a ground floor flat south eastpink cover regular papersfacilitate trade incommercial selling price was 10 billion …

the front line sales Chu Manh Trinh
 – Price: $ 4.3 Billion -urgent need of money to sell the front Chu Manh Trinharea of ​​5 x 18 = 90 m2southeast of the level 4rabbit red cover legal residenceselling price of 4 billion 300contact 0983047135 

the level 4

two fronts of Le Hong Phong
 – Price: $ 12.5 Billion -part 2 house facade, Le Hong Phong and Nam Ky Khoi Nghiaarea of ​​12.7 x 20 = 245 m2northeast and southeastthe level 4 red cover residentialprice of 12 billion 500contact 0933216338


1st house construction project staff under Export Import Company
 – Price: 14 USD / m2 – Currently Export Import Company announced offering of nearly 100 first ground with attractive incentives for customers. With many different areas and directions in accordance with feng shui of any person, property grab a …

a number of apartments for sale Vung Tau Plaza 14tr/m2 price
 – Price: 14 USD / m2 – Do folding design needs, we needed to sell a number of Vung Tau Plaza apartment on several levels and in different directions with an extremely attractive price with 14tr/m2 that you can own an apartment that you are dreaming.Price 14tr/m2 not …

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