Houses for sale – for rent Premises front of Le Hong Phong, VT

Premises for rent

front of Le Hong Phong, VT
 – Price: 16 USD / month -Reddit Le Hong Phong, Ward 4, dock. 9m x 8m Area = 72m2, 144m2 DTSD. Available KD, as VP representative. For further information please contact Mr. Hung 0909983637.

Villa for sale

Hill Ngoc Thien Y 35mx36m Deprivation, Dao Duy Tu – Vung Tau. 22 billion
 – Price: 22 Rate – Villa good will – for lease or sale A / c 07 Jade Hill Deprivation, Dao Duy Tu, Vung Tau city Choose the elite resort place for people who know how to enjoy life landscape from the beautiful garden …

beautiful villa for sale 2 storey roof 14x15m, Tran Phu, Vung Tau. 6.5 billion
 – Price: $ 6.5 Billion -Part two 14x15m 2 storey beautiful villa tile roof, security zone, center, Tran Phu, Vung Tau. Pink book. 6.5 billion. Phuc Anh Tel 0907.003377

Part 3 star

KSan, MT Vung Tau, are crowded KD NN, 1500m2, 5tang, 32P, 120ty
 – Price: 120 Billion – Part 3 star hotels, beautiful, Tran Phu, MT Vung Tau, are foreign KD crowded area of ​​1500m2, 450m2 xd, 5 exhibits, 32Phong large, fully equipped , advanced equipment, 120ty price. Tel 0907003377 Phuc …

residential land – HONG OWN BOOK – 450 Million
 – Price: 450 Million – Residential Land for Sale P12, TPVT$ 450 MillionSize 5 x 20 m – South EastDC 1216, Road on April 30, Ward 12, Dist. Vung Tau – Ba Ria Vung TauThe land for sale canyon in 1216, an area of ​​100 m2, 40 m2 residential, with the pink book …

transfer of land in Ward 11 Vung Tau
 – Price: 3.5 Billion -Transfer of land in Ward 11 Vung Tau, residential areas,map 46 parcel 262 34m width, area 2,500 m2Red books are completed, need money, 3.5 billion have to negotiate priceLH 0913742169 a. Rating owners

Land for sale Villas

Thanh Binh, price: 11.8 million
 – Price: 11.8 USD / m2 – Land for sale villas Thanh Binh, located just 51C, F10, best location in Vung Tau City. Is the ideal resort, 50m from the beach, Green beach, clean. Thanh Binh villa located between Saigon Atlantic project, Paradise resort, …


red book Lan Anh Ba Ria near the new administrative center
 – Price: 2.2 USD / m2 – plots for sale a facade project Lan Anh Vo Van KietPlan No. 4 position favorable projects within 2km full utilitiesLargest hospital BRVT, vocational secondary schools …

land for sale in Ba Ria, Long Toan Berimex project
 – Price: 6.1 USD / m2 – Part construction project Berimex Long Toan Vo Van Kiet frontage road plan No. 4Dac project site location within a radius of 1km with full utilitiesLargest hospital BRVT, vocational secondary schools …

land for sale red book Baria front Vo Van Kiet
 – Price: 4.5 USD / m2 – Need money transfer land than 90m2, the housing project in Ward Heart Long Ba Ria town Barimex Jointstock by the Company as an investor, improve infrastructure. had a red book, the project is located in existing residential crowded, traffic …

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