Houses for sale – for rent the microwave front line!

leasing the microwave front line!
 – Price: 2.8 million / month -House for rent in level 4 long 15 area 60 meters for rent price 2tr800ngan/1thang who need to rent LH 0120.36.34.171

you Alley houses 5 meters DUONGN GUYEN Binh Khiem!
 – Price: 1.6 Billion -STATE LEVEL 6 LONG 10 Southeast 1 Ground 1 floor need you 1 billion 600TR who need BUY LH 0120.36.34.171

 – Price: 4 million / month -STATE LEVEL 5 LEVEL STATE LONG 20 4 2-bedroom rented for Sale 4TR/1THANG who need LH0120.36.34.171

land rent in Le Phung Hieu!
 – Price: 2.2 Billion -LEVEL land MMAT of 4.6 it is almost 5 LEVEL 20 meters towards the TYA NAM CAN 62 SALE PRICE 2TY AI 200TR want to, UA LH 0120.36.34.171

 – Price: 1.2 Billion -THE LONG LEVEL 4 11.5 1 1 storey 3 bedrooms lemon NAM need you 1 billion 200TR who need BUY LH 0120.36.34.171
Estate New Ba Ria Vung Tau

SALE HOUSE Nguyen Huu Canh!
 – Price: 850 million -LEVEL OF 4.5 long 16 Hem OUT 4 meters before the two met the fundamental residential 50 850TR WHO CAN BUY LH 0120.36.34.171

 – Price: 850 million -HOUSE in LEVEL 4 meters alley 4 20 AREA 80 meters long PRICE TO SELL 850TR WHO NEED TO BUY LH 0120.36.34.171
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

Phan Chu Trinh Street LAND!
 – Price: 1.95 Billion -LEVEL LAND 5 strips 22 AREA 108MET 60 Residential For Sale PRICE USD1 950TR WHO NEED TO BUY LH 0120.36.34.171

 – Price: 450 million -LEVEL LAND 60 LONG 1 DIMENSION 17, 1 scene 19 road 10MET, DISTRICT OF NEW which agriculture RESIDENTIAL need you price 450TR who need to buy LH 0120.36.34.171
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

rental deal complete security!
 – Price: 1.7 million / month -a general way with the building beautiful sch own field with terrace garage for rent 1tr7 thousands How crazy countries who need to hire LH 0120.36.34.171

Tips on how to buy a house

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