Houses for sale – Houses C4 7×30 front Tran Huy Lieu P7 Sale

C4 7×30 front Tran Huy Lieu P7 Sale
 – Price: 24 million / m2 -HOUSE C4 residential 7X30 WHOLE, 10M WIDE ROAD, HOW NEPRICES 24tr/m2. Please contact 01666 022 155

Lot for Sale 160m2 or field near Russia 5
 – Price: 30 million / m2 -Initial landslide 4×40 = 160m2 100 residentialPrime location, front Truong Cong Dinh, near within voay Russia, business convenience all industries. Perfume TB30tr/m2.LH 01666022155

 – Price: 8.5 Billion -Villa 1 floor 1 floor, 4 bedrooms, swimming pool, garden, elegant interiorLocated in a quiet area, Asia. User TN8.5 billion. Please contact 01666 022 155

Sale apartment 3 bedrooms Condominium Coopmart (HODECO plaza)
 – Price: 1.35 Billion – 21-storey apartment building – supermarkets Coopmart Vung Tau 99.9m2, 3 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 dining room, 02 toilets.Corner 8th floor, north and southeast, has replaced all the original interior of the investor room, kitchen, wooden plug in the car, the window …

Lot 8.2×21 for rent in Nguyen Van Troi
 – Price: 10.2 Billion -Lot NEED TO SELL GOLD 8.2×21 front of Nguyen Van Troi, very busy area, ease of doing business in all areas.BLOCK OF LAND WITH Front broad, square, the businesses, residential entire.PRICE 10.2 billion. Please contact 01666 022 155

Spain C4 197M2 front Trieu Viet Vuong P4
 – Price: 24 million / m2 -Lot 197M2 rent in Trieu Viet Vuong P3SIZE 6.3×30 it almost 6.7, USER SE, residential ENTIREOn lot with C4, stationedPRICES 24TR/M2. Please contact 01666 022 155

NHA 1st floor 1st floor facade HTCC 3TY5
 – Price: 3.5 Billion -House for rent in Princess Huyen Tran.1TRET 1LAU 81m2, stunned 4M1, it almost 4M32.Towards TB, rear Front HEM 4M DN.BAN RE 3TY5. Please contact 01666 022 155

you A very nice type of BT MINI hem 512 TCD 161M2 4TY3
 – Price: 4.3 Billion -Spanish type MINI villa very DEP HEM 512 TCD through HEM 360 NAN and HTCC. HEM large Veggie OTO comfortableSize 5M5, it almost 5M7, TONG DT 161M2.NHA 1 Ground 1LAU 3 bedrooms, front yard, backyard, CO of HAU.GIA 4TY3 TL. LH01666 022 155

 – Price: 6.5 Billion -HOUSE 1st floor 3rd floor, SIZE 4.8X27 it is almost 5.1, Total area 135m2SURFACE PRE-HTCC ADVANTAGES OF BUSINESS, AS VP. HOW SEPRICE 6.5TY.LH 01 666 022 155


villa near the sea beach 15X24 Vo Thi Sau street
 – Price: 22 million / m2 -Lot for Sale 15X24 villa Vo Thi Sau street, close to the sea beachKARIN TN, independent villas, SECURITY.GIA 22TR/M2. Please contact 01666 022 155

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