Houses for sale – houses for sale alley Ba Cu, Vung Tau, $ 3.3 ty/140m2 (7X20m)

Alley houses for sale three Cu, Vung Tau, $ 3.3 ty/140m2 (7X20m)
 – Price: 3.3 Billion -Sale of alley Ba Cu, Vung Tau, Ba Cu 20m, 3m wide alley, high residential location, in the heart of Vung Tau city. The busiest commercial area of ​​Vung Tau.Level 4, 7×20 = 140m, beautiful location, the family needed the money so sell urgently for …

Sell small house in Vung Tau city center, 200m beach front. $ 1 billion
 – Price: 1 Ratio – the compact, 1tret, 1 hung wood 1phong, 1 bedroom, 1 kitchenDT horizontal 30m2 3.45m long it almost 3.55m 8.2mquiet, security, close to hospitals, schools, markets, supermarkets, shopping centers. Are for rent 3tr/thang, you need …

Sell alley Luong Van Can, Vung Tau city
 – Price: 1.8 Billion – For sale urgently alley Luong Van Can, P2, Vung Tau city. Quiet residential area, close to the sea, road facilities.4m wide alley, 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, rectangular house.There are also many other homes for sale with many different price …

house 2 rent in, Ngo Van Huyen, Vung Tau. 4.3 billion
 – Price: 4.3 Billion – house 2 front, very convenient location, the Front Beach 200m, close to hospitals, schools, banks. High-end residential areas.A solidly built, very nice, ceramic 4BRs, 1 living room, 1 PB, 5Wcs, 1ST. 20 sets of wooden orange car, furniture …

Alley houses for sale three Cu, Vung Tau, 86m2, 2 billion
 – Price: 2 Billion -The house is located in the heart of Vung Tau city, near commercial centers, hospitals, schools, families need money to sell urgently.4.15 X 21 = 86 m2, level 4Please contact A. Hung 0902783579 24/24

House for rent on Nguyen Huu Canh, a beautiful location right business. 3.3 billion
 – Price: 3 Rate – The level 4, beautiful location, front of Nguyen Huu Canh, near the crowded residential area, close to shopping, schools, residential oil. Current line Nguyen Huu Canh is expanding to meet the development needs of the urban center …

House for rent in Ly Tu Trong, $ 6 billion (4.2 X 20.6 = 86m2)
 – Price: 6 Billion -Urgent sale House for rent in Ly Tu Trong Street, 200m from the sea, bustling downtown, suitable for business or for rent … price sell 6tỷ also negotiatedContact A. Hung 0902783579

House for rent in Ly Tu Trong, $ 7 billion (4.5 x 30 = 135m2)
 – Price: 7.4 Billion -Busy business area, suitable for living or renting office ….DT 4.5 X 30 = 135m2, 1st floor 2nd floor, solid casting, near First Beach.Contact A. Hung 0902783579

House for rent in Tran Phu
 – Price: 11 Billion – The house has built very solid and complete modern, 3 front, located in the most beautiful Vung Tau, Bai Dau romantic areas with high tourist traffic, suitable for restaurant business, hotel or rental.The area …
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

villas for rent in Ba Trieu Street, Vung Tau city center.
 – Price: 9 Billion – Located in the villa abroad, near First Beach, dog tracks, hospitals, schools, banks … Add to stay, lease, open office, mini-hospital, karaoke, hotel …DT 13.1×23 = 300m2. 1tret, 1 floor, 5BRs, PK wide …

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