Houses for sale – Land 540m2 An Ngai logistics sales bloom, with 100m2 of residential

An Ngai

​​ Land 540m2 logistics sales bloom, with 100m2 residential
 – Price: 570 Million – Residential stability, intellectual community, land post-hatch, it’s almost horizontal 16m 18m, 32m long, including residential 100m2, 10 meter wide main roads, the Southeast, a certificate land planning, convenient traffic, near schools, near …

An Ngai

​​ Land for sale 100m2, with 80m2 residential
 – Price: 200 Million -Residential stability, quiet place with convenient traffic, close to schools, near the market ……. have a certificate in land planning, Long Dien town 2km, 7km Long Hai beach Good security. Please contact 0938382569 A Tan

Long Hai Tourism Land for sale 687m2, with 300 residential
 – Price: $ 2.6 Billion – Residential stability, intellectual community, it’s almost ground level it’s almost 21m 22m, 27m, a length of one side of the 38m, with 300m2 of residential land suitable for tourism investors restaurant business, hotels, motels ………. the planning certificate …

The front line of plastic

sale 300m2 Hai Lin
 – Price: 260 Million – Residential population stable high, dry uplands airy, clean, soil planted mango was 4 years old, main roads Hai Lam Bau Tru 15m wide. near the industrial park project Long Dien.giao fishery district convenient …

Land Long Hai

​​ 10×25, 50 residential, for sale
 – Price: $ 1.7 Billion – Residential stability, intellectual community, 10×25, 50 residential, southwest, separate window, right in the tourist hub of Long Hai town, suitable for investors holiday homes, hotels, restaurants Dinh Co ………… how public beach …

Lam Phuoc

Land 360m2, with 250m2 residential sale, south
 – Price: 650 Million – Residential stability, intellectual community, land line about 5m wide concrete, earth turns south, cool, tall, clean, have a certificate in land planning, close schools, near the market …….. 400m from the sea, the village road 5 …

Long Hai stable Land for sale, villas suitable for making
 – Price: $ 2.2 Billion – Residential stability, high population, high ground in dry, cool, clean, earth turns southeast, between the 36m and the Provincial Road 44A, 8m wide road, like for investors as villas, resorts, holiday homes, business …

Long Hai

​​ Land for sale 2700m2, 20m wide road
 – Price: $ 2.4 Billion -Land tall cool, dense population, convenient transportation, Long Hai beach 1km, convenient resort for investors, making the garden ……… can sell half. Price 900 ngan/m2 sale. A Tan Please contact 0938382569

Long Hai 96m2 Land

price of 100 million
 – Price: 100 Million -Residential stability, high population, high and dry land, a certificate in planning land, near St. 3, 2km Long Hai beach, near the market. near the school ……. Please contact A A Thai Tan 0919928811 0938382569

36m frontage land for sale, 10×30, 50 residential, the Southeast
 – Price: 1.5 Billion – residential stability, intellectual community, convenient traffic, road frontage 36m, suitable for business investors, resort, near the big tourist Beachresort, Ky Van , Dinh Co, ……. how Thuy Duong Dinh Co public beach 1km, Price …

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