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 – Price: 400 Million – …

Cho rented in Vung Tau
 – Price: 1.3 Million / month – Renting New Construction in 2012105/122B from Le Loi Russian Film Festival – LLThere mezzanineGround floor 3 x 4.5 DTDT guard 3 x 2.5DTSD 20m2Join 1.5 million for the three people in1.3 million for two people inElectricity prices 3000/kWGia …


Town Land Fill, the QH 6 (width 5m) 5.30mx 25m (40 m2 residential), cost 260 million
 – Price: 260 Million – Land for sale in Long Dien town, QH six horizontal lines of 40m2 residential 5.30mx 25m long, 260 pp. price, Highway 55 to 100m, 1km to Long Dien Arches, The New Province Administrative Center BRVT 5 minutes bike. Opposite the Department of Quality Management …

Need to sell urgently
 – Price: 3.5 Billion -Need to sell urgently, provided to an intermediary, the owners sell, any residential 300mm2, there were 200 original mangosteen fruit and a level 4
New land Ba Ria Vung Tau

SALE Wins Second front line, Ward 6, Dist. Vung Tau
 – Price: 950 Million – Part Wins Second front line, Ward 6, Dist. Vung Tau. Northwest.Land area 38m2. DT uses 61m2. 1 ground floor houses a new, repair, clean, airy Near Ben Dinh, schools, hospitals …Red cover with the master. Price 950 …

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