Houses for sale – Land for sale 100m2 Building Services The Black Market 1.5 km Price 100 million

Land for sale 100m2

Construction Services The Black Market 1.5 km Price 100 million
 – Price: 100 Million -Residential land for sale sugar land in Toc Tien 2 100 residential area 5x20m 6m road, 1.5 km to the education of Services, Price U.S. $ 100 million.Land location, built soon, the owners stand to sell.

frontage land for sale Bach Dang Ba Ria town
 – Price: 7.12 Billion – Land of Bach Dang Street frontage – Ba Ria town.Cheu 20m wide 10m length. The total area of ​​100 200m2 of land in urban areas.Convenient locations let business sale, as restaurants, hotels, near the commercial center, super …

Retail Sales

home in Chau Duc – Ba Ria Vung Tau
 – Price: 1.5 Billion – Selling house located in the commercial center of Chau Duc, BR-VT province. The two front 5x19m, 1 ground floor a mezzanine first floor mailau a cast, there are 2 rooms, 1 kitchen, 1 store, 5 rooms ngumoi WC.Nha rooms are newly built 4 years, the papers …


Lac Long Quan Vung Tau 5.2 BILLION PRICE 200m2 DT
 – Price: $ 5.2 Billion -^ Lac Long Quan sale villa p2 dt tp 10×20 dock houses a 2-storey house 300m2 dtsd beautiful south east, the price rose 5.2 billion road 10m security area, 5 minutes from the sea later on, bv, the Study 5 minutes, Tel 0908882948 


MT Tran Quoc Toan noon 300m2 PRICE DT 3.5 billion
 – Price: 3.5 Billion – Selling the Tran Quoc Toan mt tp p6 dock dt 9×33, 270m = 300m2 residential, opposite Ben home, home 2kiot space, is home facilities built villas, houses for rent warehouse business, selling 3.5 billion price negotiations, need to sell urgently. He LH customs, …


 – Price: 1.15 Billion – Land for sale $ 78 salary alley dock p11 dt tp 163 m2 corner 2mt 1 billion 150 million sale price, the red book 50m2 private residential land, populated areas, no business plan facilities sales, office, building houses and for rent near metro, industrial zones du …


Tan Hung Vietnam Embassy Residential Area 481M2 WITH 300m2 1 BILLION PRICE
 – Price: 1 Billion -Land for sale Tan Hung Ba Ria Vung Tau town dt = 15×35 481m2 with 300m2 of residential land price 1 billion red book, the People’s Committee of Tan Hung 400m west populated areas, Tel 0908882948 

Long Dien

cheap land for sale (230 million)
 – Price: 230 Million -For sale 500 m2 of agricultural land in Long Dien, nice location, the provincial administrative center about 3 km.QY planned residentialArea of ​​500 m2, it almost.Near Police Long Dien An commune near the stadium Ngai.

c4-fortified house, new, beautiful, 85m2 residential, p11, dock, asphalt 4m
 – Price: 900 Million – selling the level 4 – high-nails new- 5x 17 = 85m2 area, residential, old residential p11, dock, alley-4m, security, quiet, near the market, commercial ports, schools, gas stations- The house has a living room, two rooms, a kitchen, bathroom, …

House for rent

front house on Ba Cu
 – Price: 12 USD / month -House for rent, based on the first three Cu- The most central zone Vung Tau city, appropriate business and trade- The lease termContact details Lan Mobile host 099.5.640.237 

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