Houses for sale – land for sale cheap Asian Lot H 2.2 billion


selling land cheap plot H 2.2 billion
 – Price: 2.2 Billion – Asian Land Lot H Lot beautiful, the hotel it isolatedNear the mountain, near the ocean, because the broad linesDt 5×17 = 85 m2 residentialNorthwestwardRoad 8 metersPrice 2.2 billion-0,918,186,393 To meet strong Dt0918186393Next customer-friendly …

sell hotel facade Cheap Phan Chu Trinh 3.9 billion
 – Price: 3.9 Billion – hotel facade f2 Phan Chu Trinh street, near AsiaGood Business Area, tk 1 million 2 floors have 9 rooms for rentTk luxury, air-conditioned open advanced facilitiesDt 5×19 = 95 m2 pink bookThe south-westPhan Chu Trinh Street mtPrice …

The sale

Go Cat, Nearly 700 bed hospital Ba Ria

 – Price: 1 Rate – Residential Lot Sale Phan Anh street was paved GN2 19m wide, paved sidewalk bricks Long southbound at Ward Center – Ba Ria town, area = 126.4 m2 5×25.28m 100 residential, governmental red book, stable residential land …

red book Coastal Land Villa Vung Tau Ho Tram triệu/m2 $ 15 – freedom to build, own permanent
 – Price: 15 million / m2 – villa Xuan Quang Ho Tram Ho Tram Villa, close to Ho Chi Minh city 80 km to the east, is located in the coastal Ho Tram, Xuyen Moc District, Ba Ria Vung Tau. A short trip by car or hydrofoil HCMC route …

Sale 5x18m 4tang hotel, the Asia Hoang Hoa Tham, Vung Tau City, 4ty. Phuc Anh 0907003377
 – Price: 4 Billion -Sell ​​4tang hotel 5x18m, 6 large bedroom, fully equipped, busy working, the Asian mil Hoang Hoa Tham Street, Vung Tau City, Pink Book, 4ty price. Phuc Anh 0907003377

sale Front Tran Phu Street, Vung Tau City 40x70m 17tang project, KSan 4sao, 100ty
 – Price: 100 Rate -Land for sale Front Tran Phu Street, Vung Tau City 40mx70m, has building permit building 17tang, 4sao Hotel, nice location, price 100ty. For more details please contact 0907003377 Phuc Anh 

Sell ​​

Hotels 3sao pretty crowded, 50x90m Tran Phu. Vung Tau. 130ty, 0,907,003,377

 – Price: 130 Rate -Sell ​​3sao hotel, branded, pretty crowded, high-end facilities, including buildings and 2 villas 4tang area 50mx90m Tran Phu Street. Vung Tau. 130ty, Phuc Anh 0,907,003,377

villa for sale 30×45 Jade Stripping Hill, Vung pink Tau.So. 22ty, Phuc Anh 0,907,003,377
 – Price: 22 Rate -Villas for sale 30×45 Jade Stripping Hill, Vung pink Tau.So. 22ty, Phuc Anh 0,907,003,377

land for sale
 – Price: 3.3 million / m2 -Need to sell land blessed alley Win 89 100m2 – Red Book perennial land, owned 2047. Need money so selling for 330tr. Who needs to buy please contact Hanh 0944.725.720
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Train

villa plots for sale alley Pham Ngoc Thach
 – Price: 31 million / m2 -Villa plots for sale alley Pham Ngoc Thach, Nguyen An Ninh nearSize 14.5 x 18.5Two front, southwest northeast, the 11m, Red covers residentialPrice 31 triệu/m2EM Contact 0983047135

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