Houses for sale – land for sale. Front 30.4.huong Street Central – Bac.Gia 28 million/m2.

land for sale. Front 30.4.huong Street Central – Bac.Gia 28 million/m2.
 – Price: 28 million / m2 -Land for sale.Front 30.4.Qua Street Rach Ba.Suitable building for office, business and tradeWest-Bac.Gia 28 million/m2.Please contact the0903.665.664 Meet C.Mai

nha.Duong sale bar Thi ground Diem.1 1 lau.Huong A – N.Hem cell to.Gia 1 trillion 250.
 – Price: 1.25 Billion -Need to sell.Doan Thi Diem Street.The ground dep1, first floor.User location A – N.Automobile Alley.1 billion 250.Customers please contact us.0902.306.987 met Capacity0903.665.664 met C.Mai

newly built house for sale 4, guard dep.DT 4.5x 25.Duong Chu Manh Trinh.Huong T _ N.. Price 1 trillion 850.
 – Price: 1.85 Billion – newly built house for sale 4Has stationed dep.1 guestrooms, 2 bedrooms.Behind the 2 rooms are for rent.DT 4.5x 25.Dat square.Tang Chu Manh Trinh.Location dep.Huong T N.Alley 5m.Cach front …

house for sale 1 floor, 1 lau.DT 55m2.Duong Rating Gia.Huong A-5m B.Hem, front 20 m.gia 1 trillion 250.
 – Price: 1.25 Billion -House for sale1 ground floor, first floor.DT 55m2.The Binh Gia.User A-B5m alley, front of 20 meters.1 billion 250.Customer needs.Please contact us.0903,665,664. 0126.2562838 meets C.Mai

home sale 4.Duong Rating Gia.DT 5.2×20.Huong East – Nam.Gia 2 billion 3.
 – Price: 2.3 Billion -House for sale 4.The Binh Gia.DT 5.2×20.Nha depco 2 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 toilet, terrace.East-South.$ 2 billion 3.Customers please contact us.0902.306.987Gap Capacity0903.665.664gap C.Mai

need you home 4.duong default Chi.Dien of East 8×18.Huong – Nam.hem cell to.Gia 2 ty800.
 – Price: $ 2.8 Billion – The default level 4.Duong Chi.Dien area square 818.Dat.Nice location east – south.Airy space.Automobile Alley.2 billion 800 million.Client really needs to buy.Please contact us.0903.665.664 …

need to sell way ground Dinh.1 Schools, 1 lau.Hem cell to.Huong east – nam.Gia 4 billion 200
 – Price: 4.2 Billion – houses for saleTruong Cong Dinh.1 ground floor, first floor.Car Alley to.5-6m.Hem.Beautiful building, modern style.Space airy courtyard.East-South.4 billion 200 millionCustomers wishing to purchase …

special sale thu.Duong Binh Gia. DT 10x 24.Huong A – B.Gia 5.5 billion.
 – Price: 5.5 Billion – new villas for sale, beautiful.The Binh Gia.User A – B.There are 4 bedrooms, 1 living room, 1 kitchen, with gas to pass corridorCool space, quiet$ 5.5 billion.Customer needs,Please contact us.0903.665.664 …

home sale 4.Duong Wu Quyen.DT 5×25.Huong D-N.Hem of to.Gia 1 billion 9.
 – Price: 1.9 Billion -House for sale 4.Ngo Quyen.DT 5×25.User E-N.Summer in 3m 6m to.hem Via Alley$ 1 billion 9.Contact he0903.665.664 C.Mai

Need sell home level 4.DT: 9 * 14.Duong Toys Chieu.Huong Southeast. alley cell to.Gia 2 billion 2.
 – Price: 2.2 Billion – home for sale 4.DT 914Measuring line.Beautiful location.East-South.Automobile Alley 4m2 billion 2.Customer needs.Please contact us.0903.665.664 – 012562838 meeting …

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