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land for sale near Asia
 – Price: 6 Billion -Land for sale near AsiaNice location near the sea, tourist center dockSuitable for building villas and hotelsDT 5.75 x31Entire residential landNE$ 6 billion to TLLH GD Floor …

Apartment for sale

Son Thinh Advanced
 – Price: 1.55 Billion -Senior Apartment Sale 12.5 million/m2 Son ThinhTP prime location. Vung Tau great investment opportunitiesNear the beach after beach of Vung Tau, the new international conference centerArea 124m2Includes 1 livingroom, 2 bedrooms, 3WCSea very cool and …

sale or rent apartments HODECO 199 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia
 – Price: 11.2 USD / m2 – for sale or rent apartments HODECO – 199 Nam Ky Khoi Nghia, Ward 3, Dist. Vung Tau. 63m2 apartment has an area of ​​93.86 m2 74.42m2 81.59m2 … From 1 2 3 bedrooms. New apartment. Beautiful, on the right. Price from 11.02 million dong/1m2 ….


Phu, Tan Thanh, BRVT 250 trieu/1000m2
 – Price: 250 Million -Land in Quang Phu, Phu My, Tan Thanh, BRVT, 3500m area, land is planted fruit trees, 3 km to highway 51, sold 250 trieu/1000m2, contact 061 304 0972 Phoenix meeting

ceded four background in Ba Ria town cheap
 – Price: 400 Million – Need to assign four background B4, B5, B6, B7 of the B1 lot of residential projects of a South West, Long Dien town, Long Dien District, Province BRVT, O Level by JSC laboratory , for $ 400 million / background, the Long Hai 5km, 2km from the center of Ba Ria, near the belt …

Land at Tan Thanh District Cheap 120 million
 – Price: 120 Million – Land for sale in Tan Thanh District, an area of ​​21340m2 land with ponds, streams, land is in identification of crop, soil near highway 51, near the market, the commission, a primary school, secondary school, sold 120 million / 1000m2, who needs to contact 0972 061 304 …

 – Price: 820 million – more than 820 million land sale $ 78 salary alley dock p11 dt tp 163 m2 corner 2mt 1 billion 150 million sale price, the red book 50m2 private residential land, residential areas east, not economic planning facilities trading business, office, building houses and for rent near metro, …

sale apartment 15 floors Ngo Duc Ke
 – Price: 690 million – for sale apartments 15 floors Ngo Duc Ke, F7, Vung Tau CityNice house, door southwest, southeast view beautiful view, located at 7th floor, 1 bedroom, a PK, a kitchen, WC, airy located in Vung Tau city center, the shopping center, near …

-land House, p coconut canal, dock, 595 million, the 3m, old neighborhood, near the market
 – Price: 595 Million – selling houses- A mezzanine, new construction, has a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms- The new ceilings, paint, plaster, temperature-resistant roofing. new home construction, residential ex-urban land, quiet, cool.- Near the market, the …

 – Price: 620 Million -RESIDENTIAL LAND SALE PHU, 620TR/200M PRICE, LH 0932 69 2332

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