Houses for sale – Land Khang Linh p10 – very cheap price!!!

Khang Linh Land

p10 – very cheap price!!!

 – Price: 11.2 USD / m2 – Land Khang Linh P10, the cheapest priceOwner 0987 219 079 for bookings Official beautiful location first- Current projects Khang Linh – Ward 10 – Vung Tau has new very attractive cost.- Area 5×18 …


2MT 60034 TB ASIA
KT: 18:50 x 25 m – Price: 22 USD / m2 – LAND SALE VILLA 2MT 60034 ASIA $ 22 million TB / M2DIEN 5.18 m X 25 m ANALYSIS = 451 M2 100 residential, cafe opposite Gadren 3. Thuy Van beach a 200m, 200m small mountain, proper business, guest houses …


DB Ly Thuong Kiet MT 60033
KT: 7.00 x 23 m – Price: $ 8 billion – SELL HOUSE MT PRICE 60 033 Ly Thuong Kiet DB 8 billion AREA 7 m X 23 m = 161 M2 East BacDUONG still 100m to beach lobes, a small mountain 100mLIEN 228 U.S. 0909 994 …

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