Houses for sale – need to sell the front part cycle

to sell the front part cycle
 – Price: 4.2 Billion -25m long 7m across the Northeastthe security of high position near the sea2 $ 4 billion dealcontact 0907129951

home for sale 4 beautiful alley of Ba Cu, Vung Tau City
 – Price: 1.75 Billion -Need to sell the 4 lane Ba Cu, Vung Tau CitySize 5.5 x 14.5 = 79m2Southwest, pink cover, alley 3.5 mPrice 1,750 billionSDT Contact 0983047135


Truong Cong Dinh
 – Price: 1.7 Billion -DT 4 X 23 = 93m COVER RED residential land southwestLOCATION straight hem1.7 BILLION PRICE negotiable 

14,000 m2 Land for sale MT Expert Using 30/4 Vung Tau City Facilities Near KD
 – Price: 3 million / m2 – Quick Sale frontage land located at prime business location just 10 minutes from the center of motorcycles, located in densely populated areas concentrated form bustling shopping business, nearly market and schools at all levels, is located near several office …


C4 60m2, INSTRUCTION, 1 billion
 – Price: 1 ratio – 4 level home for sale upstairs, Ngo Duc Ke street, alley openArea 4 x 15 = 60m2Southeast ViewRed Book residentialPrice 1 billion TLYou need to buy please contactHousing Office Tran …

1 selling floor, 60m2 towards SE, Pham Hong Thai, 1 billion 350
 – Price: 1.35 – Part 1 of 1 ground floor Pham Hong ThaiDT 4 x 15 = 60m2SoutheastwardsRed Book residentialPrice Negotiable 1 billion 350 millionYou need to buy please contactTel 0944.545.995 – 0983,727,995. Please …

 – Price: 1.7 Billion – Part 1 of 1 ground floor, Le Loi street, alley carsSize 4.5 x 15 = 67m2SoutheastwardsRed Book residentialPrice 1.7 billion dealYou need to buy please contactHousing Office 328 Dung Tran …

Agricultural Land

Nguyen Gia Thieu located in a residential area

 – Price: 300 million – for sale alley Nguyen Gia Thieu, South West. luxuriant had around the house. Located near the Ward Committee 12, near boarding schools.Alley paved road 30/4 wide and 2.7m long connection to 3/2.Price 3 triệu/m2 also injured …

59.2 m2 apartment for sale at just 920 million
 – Price: 910 million / m2 -Need apartment Vung Tau Plaza, 59m2 area. View northeast.Price is only 910 million.Please call the phone number 0949718757 to meet Mr Nursing

beautiful view apartments for sale apartment Vung Tau Plaza
 – Price: 1.5 Billion – apartments for sale Vung Tau Plaza, at the northwest direction, 02 bedrooms. There are many facilities such as ground floor, first floor and part 2 storey 3 Coopmark Supermarket hired to service.Swimming pool, coffee bar, gymnasium and fitness standards …

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