Houses for sale – Rentals duong c4 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, 2 bedrooms, Price: 4tr

Rentals duong c4 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, 2 bedroom, Date: 4tr
 – Price: 4 million / month – c4 Rentals duong Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, beautiful new home, with 2 bedroomsRents 4 Tr / monthPlease spread lh 0937323246

Rentals 1 ground 1 Le Loi street cleaning, in: 4tr
 – Price: 4 million / month – 1 1 ground Rentals Le Loi street cleaningdep nha rong, 2 bedroomsRents 4tr/thangPlease spread lh 0937323246

Ward 4 House for rent in Vung Tau City
 – Price: 2.6 Billion -House for rent in Yen Bai street, Vung Tau city, dt 4×16.5, 60m2, the 1 ground, 1 floor, a rooftop terrace, a beautiful house beautiful. 8m wide road, convenient to do business. Price 2.6 billion.Contact Mr Doan, 0909 889 678

beautiful house for sale, yard for a few oto Vung Tau city
 – Price: 3.45 Billion – Sell the level 3, the Southeast, 1 ground floor, 2 floors, 6×30 area, with residential 100m, all the rose window, front Pham Van Dinh, Thang Nhat ward, Vung Body Tau. The widely available for Car, previously leased to foreigners, with …

For sale

central level 3 tp Vung Tau – Nam Ky Khoi Nghia

 – Price: 2.4 Billion – Sell a house a ground floor near the Nam Ky Khoi Nghia Street, Vung Tau City, dt 4.2×18, 75m2, 1 of 1 ground floor, with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, there backyard. The South West, 7m wide road, all the pink cover. quiet residential area, security ….

99m2 residential land for sale near Hai Phuong restaurant tp Vung Tau 999 million
 – Price: 999 million – 111. Mdat a Military Sale of the old 4 in advance, such as buying land, houses are for rent February 1 million, Alley 30/4 Vung Tau city, near restaurants Hai Phuong, northeast, 4m wide alley, area 4.5×22 area, 99m2, 100 settlements. Area residents …

south east Chi Linh urban center tp Vung Tau beautiful
 – Price: 1,749 Rate – Sell the south east, Chi Linh urban center, tp Vung Tau, near the sea, the 1 floor, 1 ground, dt 4.5×14.5 sidewalk 9m, 15m wide road. Quiet residential area, cool, more fun place for children. Price 1,749 billionNeed to sell the …

apartments for rent in Ngo Duc Ke Vung Tau city
 – Price: 4.5 million / month – for rent apartment Ngo Duc Ke Street, Vung Tau City, with an area of ​​64m2, fully furnished luxury. Just in. Price 4.5 million / month.Next the willingness to buy / sell / rent fast and look forward to working with …

4 level home for sale near Vung Tau Nguyen Thien Arts tp extremely attractive beautiful
 – Price: 1,639 Rate – Sell the level 4 Thang Nhat ward, Vung Tau city, 7m wide road, 5×22 area, northwest, residential land. Quiet residential area, close to the 30/4, near the Vietnam-Soviet port, convenient transportation, close to Chi Linh market, close to schools, …

Sale alley Nguyen Huu Canh tp Vung Tau beautiful alley
 – Price: 1,529 Rate – Sell alley Nguyen Huu Canh Street, Vung Tau City, 6m wide road, 5×20 area, north east, the level 4 pretty sure, just in. Regional security, quiet, close to schools, close to Chi Linh market, fell nearly 3 Chi Linh …

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