Houses for sale – Sale Apartment Siew 4

Sell Apartment Siew 4
 – Price: 9.9 million / m2 -selling apartments Siew 4 7th floor, please contact 0919888268 or 0933989168
House Latest Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

Sell Land MT La Van Cau
 – Price: 12 – Rate 12 billionArea 8 x 21 = 168 mNorth EastRoadContact …
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

villa land hem AUTO CENTER TP Price SHOCKCHI 13TR/M2
 – Price: 14 Million / m2 plot 381m2, Doi Can Street, Ward 8, TP.VT, RECREATION AREA HIGH SECURITY, very quiet, HAS AVAILABLE VILLA DESIGN DRAWINGS.Hem 6M AUTOMOTIVE comfortable, direction SE, TN.ARE NEED QUICK MONEY SHOULD EAT Sale For the month, SUPER …

long-term land rental
 – Price: 500 thousand / month – 02 frontage Southeast and Southwest in the town center Ngai Giao Chau Duc. There are blank no demand.Rental cheaper with 500K / first year. Always create conditions for tenants to negotiate to …
The New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

House for rent in Yen Bai P4 154M2
 – Price: 4.4 Billion -NHA C4 front YEN BAI P4, northwestTotal 154M2, stunned 6M6, residential entireGIA 4TY4. Please contact 01666 022 155

Spain C4 front YEN all P4 2TY5
 – Price: 2.5 Billion -Division 4 rent in Yen Bai, P4, WOOD SEWhole residential area of ​​90m2GIA 2TY5. Please contact 01666 022 155

bottom 5 rooms or hem 412 Truong Cong Dinh 2TY1
 – Price: 2.1 Billion -Division 4 Lane 412 Truong Cong Dinh, 4m wide alley THROUGH Princess Huyen Tran5.6×19 size, 106m2. We have 5 rooms or with 8TR/THANG sales.NW.GIA 2TY1. Please contact 01666 022 155

land for rent in Ha Long Bien previous post Vung Tau
 – Price: 15 Rate -Residential land Vung Tau MT, MT Halong Road, opposite Ben hydrofoils, look at Hai Au Hotel, the back is the way Lighthouse, built 4-5 stories, DT 10MX15M. Sale or long term lease.Sale 15 billion. Please contact 01666 022 155

3 have long facades, Nguyen Van Troi
 – Price: 8 Billion -3 have long facades, Nguyen Van Troi4X30 area, NW8 billion. Please contact 01666 022 155

you place Phan Van Tri FOLLOWING Beach Vung Tau
 – Price: 13 Rate -Land for rent in Phan Van Tri, near the sea beach Vung Tau, so tourists areas, the hotel CONSTRUCTION16x22 area. 13 billion. Please contact 01666 022 155

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