Houses for sale – Sale of office building facade new Unified

Sell office building facade Unified New
 – Price: 30 Rate – Selling high-rise office buildings ACE Life, 208 Unification, P8, Vung Tau with the following information12m x 32m area of ​​R x DFloors 6 1 5 storey basementRoundabout location immediately fell 3 Unified – Le Hong Phong, Vung Tau city center, is the way …

sale, apartment A2 – 24, Vung Tau Plaza cheap
 – Price: 2.309 Billion – Part A2 floor apartment of 22 Plaza Apartment Vung Tau amazingly cheap.Area 135.5m2, 2 windows overlooking the South East – South West.Price 2.309 billion = cost investors slightly negotiable for people of good will.Every need …

you put the money

Nam Ki Khoi Nghia good price.
 – Price: 5 Billion – beautiful land, the appropriate tr1i favorable to business, to stay or open a representative office.26.3m long 3.9m horizontal, northwest, pink book.Gia 5 billion to negotiate.Everyone needs please contact the phone number …

Selling a home

floor facade Xo Viet Nghe Tinh.
 – Price: $ 4.5 Billion – 1 storey house for sale, prime location Xo Viet Nghe Tinh facade facing new markets, convenient for business, opened an office ……4m long horizontal 22m, northwest, pink book.$ 4.5 billion to negotiate.Every need …

Selling the level 4

Truong Cong Dinh 3m alley
 – Price: 960 Million – The level 4 currently leased, 3m wide alley and out of taxis can be comfortable, secure area, quiet, quiet place.4.4 m Width 14.5 m long, northwest, red book covers agriculture in particular.$ 960 million negotiable.Every need …

the level 4 sale, Yen Bai cheap facade.
 – Price: 1.8 Billion – Sell the Yen Bai facade attractive price, the tr1i facilitate the trading or open a small office.Width 8.4 m 7.5 m long, the Southeast, pink book.$ 1.8 billion to negotiate.Everyone needs please contact the …

Land for sale

front of the villa cheap Yen Bai
 – Price: 5 Billion -Land for sale in Yen Bai frontage suitable for building villas.11.2 m long horizontal 17m, northwest, red book.$ 5 billion to negotiate.Everyone needs please contact the phone number 01268.113.789 meet strength.

1 storey house for sale

Unified alley old cheap
 – Price: 1.65 Billion – 1 storey house for sale Canyon Unified road width and older.6.3 m Width 10.8 m long, south-west, pink book.$ 1.65 billion slightly negotiable for people of good will.Everyone needs please contact the phone number …

Land for sale

2.5 m alley Ky Dong cheap
 – Price: 11 USD / m2 – plots for sale Ky Dong alley 2.5 m, can be sold according to how much customers buy is also horizontal.20 m long horizontal 15m, southwest, red book.Price negotiable 11tr/m2.Everyone needs please contact the numbers …

Land for sale

front villa Luong Van Can good price
 – Price: $ 5.5 Billion – plots for sale front Luong Van Can a reasonable price. Suitable for resort villas or offices.23m long 8m horizontal, the Southeast, the red book.5.5 billion price negotiable.Everyone needs please …

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