Houses for sale – Sell a house a ground floor price, 1.3 billion Vung Tau city center

1 ground 1 floor home sale price, 1.3 billion Vung Tau Center
 – Price: $ 1.3 Billion – The first 1 ground floor, 60m2 dt, Alley 564 Tran Phu Street, $ 1.2 billion.- The first 1 ground floor, area 40m2, Alley 564 Tran Phu Street, 800tr price.- The first 1 ground floor, 60m2 dt, Alley 121 Ba Cu, cost 1650 billion.- The first 1 ground floor, 48m2 dt, Alley 180 …


CC 21 floors – HODECO LAZA – 5tr/thang
 – Price: 5 USD / month – 1 – for rent furnished apartment consists of 2 pn dt 72m2, 1tolet, view over the sea southeast airy. Price 5tr/thang.2 – 68m2 apartment is fully furnished, modern, 2 ph, 1 tolet, $ 4.5 usd / month.In the center of TM, the bank, super …

Selling the level 4

3m alley near the sea
 – Price: $ 1.3 Billion – The level 4 have built permanent houses line the cool side.Wide alley quiet residential area, south-westDT 4.7x11m 1.3 billion sale price.Customer contactThe Corporation PT Ba Ria – Vung TauProperties Exchange …

Selling motels 10 rooms, £ 5.5 billion
 – Price: $ 5.5 Billion – Lodging modern equipment, has 10 rooms, located on the dg near Le Hong Phong Binh Gia.6×20 DT on the northwest.Customer contactThe Corporation PT Ba Ria – Vung TauHODECO Properties Exchange.3rd Floor HODECO …

a 2-storey house sold $ 1.6 billion
 – Price: $ 1.6 Billion -Nnha house for sale in the alley than uniformly old.DT 42m2 a solid 2-storey building, beautiful new building, with terrace.1.6 billion sale price.
Real Estate New Ba Ria Vung Tau

topsoil for sale CASH Tan Hai, Russia 3 LONG SON, Ba Ria-Vung Tau
 – Price: $ 3.4 Billion — Conversion of agricultural land not- The front open wide for convenient filling stations- Stops, restaurants.

Land for sale should

New Urban Ba ​​Ria Vung Tau
 – Price: 2.55 USD / m2 – Land DT12x18 Angle NP = 219.3m2. Southwest, in the two fronts of 15m. Complete infrastructure. Cost only 2.550 million/m2Front location provincial road 44, by TT Commerce, Ba Ria markets and TT Ba Ria-new administration …

Ba Ria Vung Tau Land Opportunities for New Residents
 – Price: 2.6 USD / m2 – With DT10 x 22 = 220m2, Of 12m. South east, In as exist in the villa, near supermarket, and many utilities …. Most establishments. Complete infrastructure 90. How to administrative procedures, TT BR-VT Commerce about 1.5 km, the beach …

Land Near

administrative procedures Ba Ria Vung Tau 2.4 million/m2 a family
 – Price: 2.4 USD / m2 – 135m2 Of DT = 7.5×18 15m, opposite the park, area clinics. South-west, complete infrastructure. Southwest Area Urban Properties BR-VT. How provincial administrative center, commercial and market center of Ba Ria only 5 minutes on motorbikes, …

Balance Board DatNen Map Area General Hospital of Ba Ria Vung Tau
 – Price: 3.7 USD / m2 – an area of ​​100m2. Location in the road path planning Vo Van Kiet, Issue 4, Competitive Industry University of Ho Chi Minh City 4, How to 300m General Hospital, only 5 minutes drive to the administrative procedures of Ba Ria la …

Tips on how

to buy a house

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