Houses for sale – Sell the level 4 in Hoa Long

level 4 Sale in Hoa Long
 – Price: 420 million -Level 4 houses for sale in Long Hoa 100m residential area is 120m2 land 4m Road, Mountain Land A petrol station 500m, soon all sold.

Land for Sale

and 2 front Tan Thanh Xuan cheap

 – Price: 1.2 Billion – Sale of Level 4 DT 150 m2, large frontage 8m, 4m road side. How to Highway 51 900m, 600m total land area is 200m residential, Dong Nai Bordered adjoining the Go Dau Industrial Zone, My Xuan A with full facilities. Convenient for …

sell land in the center of Ba Ria town BRVT, FLEXIBLE PAYMENT OF ROUND 8
 – Price: 648 million – project land for sale located 2 corner frontage and Truong Phuc Dien Bien Phu Phan Dinh river, even large entertainment area and busiest tp.Ba Ria. For the sports area, near the Administrative Procedures round with utility …

for sale in the heart of the City, Ba Ria – BRVT. Red Book, 100% residential, up to 12% discount
 – Price: 648 million – selling land officially opened The Villa Street and Riverside Palace, right BRVT Cultural Center, at the circular, the Long Huong, full service utilities within the project, and is on the two main roads, Truong Phuc Phan and Electric …

alley way Land frontage on Nguyen Van Linh 200m
 – Price: 900 million – Land frontage alley was planning certificate expand the road from the main road of Nguyen Van Linh, and Dien Bien Phu 200 m, lying near the right of the youth, for good reason, Ms. High School Ria … and public services …

Sale 1 Ground Floor Le Phung Hieu 5
 – Price: 6.7 Billion – Price 6 billion 700 millionSize 6.2 x 29 = 180 mSouthwestRoadContact …


Sale – 9 Ground Floor Office 1 Ba Cu
 – Price: 25 Rate – Price 25 billionSize 7.8 x 30.7 = 240 mSoutheastwardsTrugn Road at the intersection of …

The ground

TPVT heart, great price: 8 million
 – Price: 8 million / m2 -Street location at 51B, arterial roads of Vung Tau. Even the new administrative center Tp.VT. Residential high-level security. Near Supermarket, Market, Oil KDC, Le Loi Hospital under construction, schools Le Quy Don, the …

House for rent in Hung Vuong 1 billion 8 City – Vung Tau
 – Price: 1.8 Billion -House for rent in Hung Vuong 1 billion 8 City – Vung Tau15m x 3.5m just contactDT01652612543

Long Dien

Land 880m2 500t Cheap
 – Price: 500K / m2 -Sale 1 Lot area 880m2 19m long horizontal rear hatch 30m 22m at Tam Phuoc Commune, Long Dien District, Ba Ria-Vung Tau 500 million, 8m wide dirt road, 2 front 1 1 siding facade frontage, the populated, the red book …

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