Houses for sale – Student accommodation

student accommodation
KT: 5 x 4 m – Price: 1,000,000 – For students renting accommodation. Closed rooms, including utilities. 1trieu/thang price. Loan contact her, phone 0988 708 665.

Residential land for sale

P.11 TN 00109 No Planning
KT: 6.5 x 15 m – Price: 550 million – Sale of residential land HoachGIA P.11 TN 00109 No Rules 550 USD / m2 of agricultural land …

Sell House Alley Xo Viet Nghe Tinh 6m TN30095
KT: 5.1 x 40 m – Price: 3,900,000,000 – Sale Lane House 6m Xo Viet Nghe Tinh TN30095 House Ground Floor 1 LauGia 3 1 900 Billion …

Sell Land 2 The Great Money An Dicoimex DB30094
KT: 10 x 20 m – Price: 18,000,000 / m2 – Part 2 The Money General Land An Dicoimex DB30094 Price 18 USD / M2Dien …

Sell Home front Ong Ich Khiem DN30092
KT: 5 x 20 m – Price: 3,200,000,000 – Selling Home front Ong Ich Khiem DN30092 3 billion 200 TrieuDien …

MT Land for Sale. Huyen Tran Cong Chua TB30093
KT: 6 x 16 m – Price: 3,600,000,000 – MT Land for Sale. Huyen Tran Cong Chua TrieuDien TB30093 3 billion 600 …

The Ground Floor Part 1

an alleyway Truong Cong Dinh – Cho Airport DB30089
KT: 5.5 x 18 m – Price: 3,200,000,000 – Sale Lane House 1 Ground Floor 1 Truong Cong Dinh – Cho Airport DB30089Gia 3 Billion 200 …

Sell ​​House

MT. Nguyen Binh Khiem DN40070
KT: 5.25 x 19 m – Price: 4,200,000,000 – House for sale MT. Nguyen Binh Khiem TrieuDien DN40070 Price 4 200 Billion …

Land for Sale Lane

90 Hoang Van Thu DB40069
KT: 5.8 x 21 m – Price: 4,300,000,000 – Land for Sale Lane 90 Hoang Van Thu TrieuDien DB40069 Price 4 300 Billion …

sale 4 level salaries can text
KT: 4 x 17 m – Price: 1,200,000,000 – a long 17 level 4 level 4 home sale price is negotiated 200tr a company who needs to buy LH 0945.90.43.72

Tips on how

to buy a house

Ladies and Gents

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