Houses for sale – the first floor, 93m2, p wins the most, dock, 1.350 billion, the 3m

the first floor, 93m2, p wins the most, dock, 1.350 billion, the 3m
 – Price: 1.35 Billion – selling a level 3 1 ground-floor- 5.3×17.5 = 93m2 area, the 3m, on high hills, with separate books, the most wins p, tp dock- Homea large ground floor living room, 1 kitchen, large dining, rear sun-light to ground, the …

Land for sale

Le served out front, dock, northeast, southwest
 – Price: $ 4.4 Billion -Land for sale, two front Le Phung Hieu, Vung Tau.5 x 30 piece of a residential DT 100, southwest, a $ 4 billion 42 pieces of 5 x 30 residential DT 70, the northeast, $ 2 billion nineContact 0977325619 C.CAM meet

Selling the alley

Nguyen Tri Phuong, dock, a ty8 Price
 – Price: 1.8 Billion -I need to sell the house alley Nguyen Tri Phuong, 5 room inn, 9×16 area, price 1ty8Contact 0977325619 C.CAM meet

sale front line Chu Manh Trinh, value: 1 billion, Lh: Loan 0937 32 32 46
 – Price: 1 Billion -Selling a house 1 Ground floor, frontage road Chu Manh TrinhDt 4 x 9.5, 38 m2, south-west, pink book, $ 1 billionPlease Lh Loan 0937 32 32 46


HEM ​​MEASUREMENT 78 noon DT PRICE 65 M 2 400 million
 – Price: 400 Million – Land for sale $ 78 salary alley dock tp dt p11 65m2 with 14m2 residential, corner alley 2mt 400 million, red book, build a house is, no planning, the metro 1km, near the market in beautiful location of school, the administrative center tp 2 minutes, bv two minutes away …


 – Price: 680 Million – Land for sale $ 78 salary alley dock tp dt p11 96m2 corner 2mt 680 million sale price, the red book private residential land, residential areas east, trading facilities, offices, building houses and for rent near metro, the tourism industry, 1km from the sea. Please contact me …

Searching 5M

SALE P7 Nguyen Tri Phuong noon 2.5TY 98m2 PRICE
 – Price: 2.5 Billion – Selling the Nguyen Tri Phuong 5m c4 p7 alley noon, dt = 6.5 x14 98m2 red book price of 2.5 billion residential, quiet place, quiet, clean the house cool, car to take home, south and west, the center of trade, Coopmart 500m, 500m universities, …


noon yen as P6 142m2 PRICE DT 1.8 billion
 – Price: 1.8 Billion -Still pouring p6 sale mt dt Vung Tau City c4 6.5×21 = 135m2 house with attic, red book, the price of 1.9 billion, market stations located 500m home, the People p6 300m, 100m schools, convenient transportation and Business, Tel. 0903 780 422


noon PRICE DT 1250M2 24.5 billion
 – Price: $ 24.5 Billion -Selling villas emerald hills stripped p8 Vung Tau City 1250m2 price dt 20 million / m2 mt 12m line, sold 24.5 billion price security, customers can do business, leasing, construction and ks, selling $ 25 billion. He LH customs, dock, Tel. 0903780422


HEM ​​869 30/4 DT 131M2 noon 1 billion
 – Price: 1 Billion -869 canyon land for sale 30/4 p11 dock tp dt 8.78 x14, 45 = 131.6 m2 with 40m2 residential, price 1 billion, separate the red book, the security and quiet, residential area, not planning, the incision coconut, metro, 1km. tel. 0903 780 422 

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