Houses for sale – the sale, many villas Thanh Binh, Vung Tau City at attractive prices

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villas Thanh Binh, Vung Tau City at attractive prices
KT: 14 x 21 m – Price: 12,000,000 / m2 – villa peaceful land – next to Chi Linh tourist beaches, adjacent luxury villas Blueshapire …………… The area from 270m2 to 500 m2. Price from 12 million …

for sale than the level 4 front Truong Cong Dinh tp Vung Tau
KT: 4.2 x 50 m – Price: 23,500,000 / m2 – The level 4, DT 4.2 x 50. East Nam.Tien open garden cafe, trading 23.5 million ………….. Price / m2. 4.95 Total ty.LH Cong Dat – 0915755538 – 0946.629838

FOR SALE OR APARTMENT THUEGAP Seaview Chiling cheapest market Vung Tau
Area: 95 m2 – Price: 9,500,000 / m2 – 1 / Apartment Seaview 1, 2 Front corner position, nice view argue. Storey 16, area 137 m2, 3 bedrooms. Fully furnished. Prices triệu/m2 9.6 – 1.3 billion TL2 / …

sale or lease of apartments Apartment vungtau – very nice sea view 2
Area: 77 m2 – Price: 1,950,000,000 – vungtau Apartment.DT Apartment 77 m2. 2BR. There are fully equipped and furnished. In the two front corners are ngay.Can – View of sea. Floor 12.Gia 1.95 billion sale …

sale than the front lot of Vung Tau
KT: 16 x 40 m – Price: 18,000,000 / m2 – 1 / Located on Tran Phu Street, facing the edge of the project bien.ngay resort, holiday villas duong.Tong area 16 x 40 = 640m2 . 50 …

houses for sale than the Pham Hong Thai side cheap
KT: 6.5 x 14.5 m – Price: 5,400,000,000 – The front of Pham Hong Thai, you drill thriving downtown, T 6.5 x 14.5, the 1 1 ground floor .. Southeast, 5.4 billion of trade prices to see the Public luongLH Dat …

for sale than the front of Vung Tau Dong Chen
KT: 4 x 24 m – Price: 3,600,000,000 – The nests, Chen Dong, a busy shopping area. West NamDT 4 x 24 = 96m2. The new four-level building dep.Gia 3.6 billion T. LuongLH to see the The Reach – 0915755538 -…

Selling villas

Oceanami – a Game at Long Hai – Vung Tau
KT: 20 x 20 m – Price: 10,000,000 / m2 – own a superb position in feng shui, the Minh Dam Mountains title – Tortoise, the symbol of your people, of the subsidiary, before a long coastline -.. .

beautiful houses for sale than South East of Nam Ky Khoi Nghia – Vung Tau
KT: 4.7 x 17.5 m – Price: 2,800,000,000 – 1 / 2 House 1 Ground Floor, DT 4.7 x 17.5m. The southeast. 2.8 billion cell to.Gia Hem – Trade Luong.2 / House 1 Ground Floor 2, DT 4.2 x 21m. The southeast. Hem cell 3.3 -… to.Gia

for sale than the front Nguyen Thai Hoc – Opposite the supermarket Coopmark Vung Tau
KT: 7.5 x 17 m – Price: 8,000,000,000 – Located at the intersection of Nguyen Thai Hoc – Nguyen An Ninh, near the school hocjn Banks, supermarkets and the bustling downtown … The beautiful new building. A ground floor 2, DT 7.5 x. ..

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