Houses for sale – Villas resort Hoang Quan ecological

resort villas ecological Hoang Quan
 – Price: 1.619 Billion – AREA B / Letter S / ROYAL THAI MILITARY resort ideal place adjacent to T / Social B / Ria – V / Tau, near Sbay QTE L / Thanh, Phu My Port, connecting sea KDL L / Customs , resort Lutus, Ressco, B / 24/24, DD.T / utility Tennis, pool, C / members, TTTMai, …DTKV 264 – 282.2m2 DTXD …

cheap land for sale near Vung Tau Metro
 – Price: 11 USD / m2 -Cheap land for sale near Metro Vung TauCity center location close to schools, hospitals, park district administrative center, VT,DT 5×18 7.5 x13, 25Northwest, SoutheastWe are committed to delivery schedule and the sovereign right …

Selling land

Vo Thi Sau
 – Price: 20 USD / m2 -Selling land Vo Thi SauNice location, near the beach.DT 9.25 x23H SouthwestPrice 20tr/m2 also TLContact 0933140468

luxury apartment for sale cheap Son Thinh
 – Price: 12.5 USD / m2 – Apartment Sale Cheap Son ThinhTP prime location. Vung Tau great investment opportunitiesNear the beach after beach of Vung Tau, the new international conference centerArea 124m2Includes 1 livingroom, 2 bedrooms, 3WCSea very cool and nicePrice …

You know

requires an Vung Tau
 – Price: 36 USD / m2 – Villa for sale Mission Hill Vung TauPrime location ideal for resort, overlooking the sea Front Beach Vung TauBeautiful villa area much loved static securityArea 450m2Consists of 5 bedrooms, 3PK, 7WC, garage, swimming poolThe …
House New Land Ba Ria Vung Tau

 – Price: 1.619 Billion – VILLAS ROYAL MILITARY ECOLOGICAL retreat ideally located in Chau Pha Commune, Tan Thanh district, Ba RiaVung Tau, near Long Thanh International Airport, Phu My Port, connect Resorts CalendarLong Hai beach 15 minutes,The City ….

Land for sale

Go Cat resettlement large corner lot Phan Boi Chau
 – Price: 750 Million -Need a Lot 2 frontage at the intersection of Phan Boi Chau and Tam Luu Huu Phuoc Long ward with full amenities.

Land for sale cheap

Tan Thanh Xuan
 – Price: 250 Million -Need to sell a residential plot of land at 150m2 50m village Phuoc Hung Xuan Commune, The Highway 51 150m, 300m way Xuan Industrial Park, Canyon 4m, complete infrastructure built today.For further information contact 0643.604078 – 0983087674 to 0983658477

Apartment Sea View-Vung Tau
 – Price: 1 USD / month – 2 Seaview Apartment Vung Tau Chi Linh 1.5 km from the sea in the busy area, full of amenities such as markets, schools, cafes go .. from Seaview to Vung Tau City Center 5km.Apartment 94m2, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, air conditioners, water …

Selling home front

1T, 7 L Le Phung Hieu Street
 – Price: $ 7.5 Billion – Selling home front 1T, 7 L Le Phung HieuCity center locations, adjoining the main road New Unified Vung TauThe 1T structure, 7L pink cover proper lane or business office hotelDT 6.2 x30 180m2 …

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