BASEAFOOD – Ba Ria Vung Tau Seafood Processing Import – Export Joint Stock Company

Baseafood company's certifications

Baseafood – Ba Ria Vung Tau Seafood Processing Import – Export Joint Stock Company.
Address: 460 Truong Cong Dinh, Vung Tau city, Ba Ria – Vung Tau
Tel: (84.64) 580085 – 580702-837313
Fax: (84.64) 837 312
E-mail: [email protected]


Specializing in production and export of the frozen and dried seaproducts mainly A/F

  • For frozen items
  1. Cuttlefish, Squids, Broad squids: sashimi,  fillet style.
  2. Spanish Mackerel, Red Snapper, Bigyey scad, itoyori …fillet.
  3. Swimming Crab.
  4. Black Tiger, White Shrimp, Pink Shrimp, cat Tiget shrimp, king prawn sliper lobster…Processed stules HLSO, HOSO, PTO, PD, PUD…
  5. Boiled clams.
  6. Butterfly arkshell fillet.
  7. Front beach shell: boiled meat, whole body.
  • For dried items
  1. Dried Squids shell-on, shell – off, daruma.
  2. Roasted, torn, cut,  crushed squids
  3. Dried seasoned kisu, itoyori, yellow-stripe trevally, himego, sole fish…

Undertaking the importation of machinery, agricultural materials, structure materials specially made vehicles, various chemicals, consumer goods essential for catching, prosessing seafoods.

At present, Baseafood has been focussing on diversifying its products, the new items that have been prosessing and consuming in large, stable markets such as : surimi, sashimi, tempura set (seafoods mix)…So as to make its products appear at Japanese supermarkets, Baseafood has done  the great efforts to meet the high, strict quality requirement, simultaneously offered the competitive, fit for the new markets. With abundant seefoods potential, Basefood expects cooperation, trade association with entities at home and abroad to broaden production  and consume  products.

About us:

Established in 1992, Ba Ria Vung Tau Seafood Processing and Import Export Join Stock Company (Baseafood) is a large scale business. After 15 years of building and expanding, our company owns a team of well trained and experience staffs, and skillful dynamic workers of more than 1500 people. Beside, our factories has equipped with modern machines to process high quality products exporting to the strictest market.

Baseafood owns five processing factories and one package processing factory now. Almost them have already met the exporting quality standards to Europe and national standards such as HACCP, HK173, HK242, Code to EU: DL 20, DL 34, DL484, Halal muslim certificate and ISO 9001:2008. Exporting turnover achieves from 30 million to 35 million US dollars yearly.

We can support seafood products, such as: Surimi (Eso, Itoyori, Mix), marine fishes, squid, octopus, shell-fishes, crab, etc. which are processed.

In addition, we also supply Tilapia, Pangasius, yellow claim…

Dried items include yellow strive travelly, lizardfish, reb big eye scad, herring…

At present, we have over 40 regular customers, in there the main market are Japan, Europe, American, Asean and Middle East. Our products are also present at the potential markets such as: Muslim countries, North Africa, Egypt, Russia, and Eastern European.

BSF is willing to cooperate with any local or foreign partners on the spirit of equality and mutual development. We are pleased to welcome all customers who are interested in our products and Baseafood trade name. We wish for satisfying your requirements with prestige, reasonable prices and best quality of products.


Baseafood company's certifications

Baseafood company's certifications


baseafoods achievements 1

Baseafood's achievements 2

Baseafood's achievements 2

Baseafood's achievements 3

Baseafood's achievements 3


Enterprise I (Baseafood): Effective solutions to save electricity, water.

For a specific industry, the Export Seaproduct Processing Enterprise I under Ba Ria – Vung Tau Seafood Processing and Import – Export JSC (BASEAFOOD) use a large amount of electricity and water. Average cost per year for water and electricity of about VND2.5 billion (equivalent to 15% to 20% of the overall costs). Therefore, saving costs is a decisive factor to reduce cost price, improve product competitiveness. Since 2004, the Enterprise I started applying electricity and water saving production process.

At the Enterprise I of Baseafood, all electronic devices are fitted to the meters in order to control power consumption daily. The Enterprise created the closed machinery operating procedure, ensuring to take full advantages of the heat source. Some operating devices which inconformity with will be relocated again. For example, ice machine produces maximum activity in off-peak hours. Reducing machine operation at peak hours helps the Enterprise save a significant cost as for from March 2009 electricity price has increased in peak hours.

Positions using cooling and heat equipment… are checked, made the most available source of heat such as water system of ice houses(the capacity of 650 sets per day ) for cooling the processing plant, saving VND500,000 per day for electricity cost, equivalent to over VND100 million per year, which does not affect production when power goes out. The 50kWh old conditioning equipment are taken advantages to cool water for washing high quality products, still ensure food safety standards without investing more capital to buy equipment.

In addition to power saving solution, there are many initiatives to save water. The stages using water are associated counters to control the water in and out so as to immediately detect and redress the irrationality. On the one hand, the Enterprise improved machinery and equipment to save the maximum amount of water in the production process, thereby reduced the amount of wastewater and organic contaminants in wastewater and to reduce the processing power. The Enterprise also applies innovative cleaning equipment for octopus washing, this saves up to 6m3 for 1 ton of finished products.

Mr. Huynh Minh Tuong, Director of the Enterprise I said, “Saving production costs not only decreases product prices, increases competitiveness, but also the Enterprise has the source to offset daily meals and raise wages for workers. Currently, average income of workers reaches VND 3.5 million / person / month, two times higher than in 2004. The Enterprise has the regulation of reward and emulation for technical, economical and quality control innovation, at the same time propagate awareness of workers about the importance of this work. Moreover, we continue innovating technology to improve quality for more refined products, reduce surimi products in order to reduce electricity and water costs in production”.

Supplies 50 tons of goods to market on Tet holiday.

On Tet occasion, Baseafood expects to produce 50 tons of seafood products, for serving domestic market, up 20% over last year.

More export seafood contracts signed.

Mr. Tran Van Dung, General Director of Baria- Vungtau Seafood Processing and Import-Export Joint Stock Company (Baseafood) said that: Since the beginning of this year, Baseafood has exported 3,600 tons of kinds of products, ups 7% over the same period last year, export turnover reached USD 9.5 million.

Baseafood enlarges market to Ukraine.

Mr.Tran Van Dung, Director of Ba Ria- Vung Tau Import- Export Seafood processing JS company (Baseafood) said that: In 2009, although the seafoof exported situation has met many difficulities, some markets were narrow, but the company has opened new market to Ukraine. This is the big market for seafood products.

Baseafood be granted exported license to Russia.

In the beginning of May 2009, Russian Federal Service for Veterinary and Physio-sanitary Surveillance (VPSS) said that Vietnamese seafood safety and hygiene standard in the country’s processing plants, and granted exported licenses to these plants.

BASEAFOOD & Reliable Exporter Award.

Baseafood has just received Reliable Exporter Award of Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam for the past July 2009.

Baseafood imports 10 tons of Sanma fish from Japan.

Sama is bottom level fish, is quality fish of Japan with delicious fish’s meat.

Baseafood receives “International Star for Quality Award”.

The Ba Ria Vung Tau seafood proccesing Import- Export JS company (Baseafood) has just been received “International Quality Star 2008” award at Geneve (Switzerland) by Business Initiative Directions (BID).

Director of Baseafood wins Thanh Giong Cup.

Director of Baseafood, Mr. Tran Van Dung, was the only businessman in the province that recieved Thanh Giong Cup 2007.

BASEAFOOD’s Export turnover reaches US $ 11 million in the 5 first month.

BASEAFOOD exported 4,500 tons of product in the 5 first month, with total of export turnover is about US$ 11 million, equals 45% its yearly target, up 20% in compared with the same period of last year.

Reached VND 15 million on the first opening day.

On 20 February 22, 2007 (The fourth day of Luna New Year), Speciality supermarket of BASEAFOOD opened again after Tet holiday.

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