Chicken (thịt gà)

To choose fresh chicken meat, we should select meat muscles toned. Get your fingers to press the flesh does not leave footprints when fingers, thin skin, meat has no flavor.

Fresh meat must meet the following requirements:

+ Dry meat, not oil, pink, no plaque, purple, hematoma. Pressed that the meat is tender, with stickiness.

+ Solid block of meat, have elasticity.

+ Class white or yellow fat naturally, strange smells, rancid or smell antibiotics.

Choosing a live chicken(raw chicken):

Need to choose healthy, bright red warts, straight and smooth and not scaly, full breast, anus, not wet, most delicious chicken about to lay (the roof of silk). Chicken meat yellow => eat more chicken fine.

Differentiation of young chicken (growing), and old chicken, ill chicken as follows:

Young chicken: its skin and feathers soft, pores small, bright red crested chicken, red anus.

Old hens: Chicken legs hard, scaly legs, feathers were ruffled, large pores, small, white, gray, floating several tracks available, large anus.

Ill chicken: dark red cockscomb, legs cold, limp, or greasy, chicken drooling over when moving, touch the kite see that it’s stretch as bubbles.

When grocery shopping to buy meat on the market earlier sessions. Do not buy ground meat will easily rancid / stale, and not washable.


Popular chicken dishes: roasted chicken, fried chicken, chicken soup, Buffalo wings, tandoori chicken, butter chicken, and chicken rice. Chicken is also a staple of many fast food restaurants.


Fresh chicken meat.

Fresh chicken meat.



healthy live chicken

healthy live chicken



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