Dog meat (thịt chó)

Human consumption of dog meat has been recorded in many parts of the world, including ancient China, ancient Mexico, and ancient Rome. Dog meat is consumed in a variety of countries such as Switzerland, China, Vietnam, the Philippines, and Korea.

Where to buy raw/cooked dog meat?

  • Hanoi:
    1.      Anh Tu Dog Meat restaurant
      315, Truong Chinh, Thanh Xuan, Hanoi, Vietnam
      +84 4 2201 2504
    2.      Ty Beo dog meat restaurant
      43, Tam Trinh, Q. Hai Ba Trung, Hanoi, Vietnam
      (04) 38626836
  • HCMC:
    1.      NAM DINH Young Dog meat restaurant
      3 Tran Phu, Ward 4
      District 5, HCMC
      (08) 3839 2155
    2.      Young dog meat Restaurant 783
      783 Hung Phu Street, Ward 9
      District 8, HCM City
      (08) 3859 6733
    3.      Nhat Tan dog meat restaurant
      Kha Van Can, Linh Trung Ward
      Thu Duc District, HCMC
dog meat sell in Hanoi

dog meat sell in Hanoi.

A girl is chopping dog meat.

A girl is chopping dog meat.

Dog meat and the potential danger.

Difficult to distinguish what is dog meat is murder by poison.

Most dog meat shop in HCMC were imported dog meat is made available from many sources, including many children with bait with insecticide, rat poison or died of disease. The eating of meat is very susceptible to poisoning or infectious diseases such as tuberculosis, yellow …

Previously, the restaurant often buy dogs for slaughter, while the current owner just sit home phone is going to have the meat ready to take delivery on demand. Therefore, many shop owners can not know the dog comes from, be slaughtered and how the status of “health” of the stars before slaughter. According to the HCM City Department of Animal Health, the status of dogs killed by poison and then sold for dog meat restaurant is quite popular. Drug dog thieves often not captured as before because of the way fast than the meat after slaughter is sold at high prices.

Local police also arrested in Binh Thuan is a group of young professionals to take medication for sale Ho Chi Minh City. Method of killing dogs is they apply a pesticide Basudin soaked dried and then sprayed the area with dogs. Dogs will eat bait convulsions, foaming at the mouth, vomiting (sometimes diarrhea and body paralysis) and death. Dog poisoning is collected, slaughtered, and medicated for transporting fresh new pedestrian places.

Dr. Ly Minh Tam, Ho Chi Minh City Department of Animal Health, said the thieves or drug use that includes:

– Pesticides Group chlorine or organic phosphorus: When the infection to humans, the drug will adversely affect the digestive system as causes vomiting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, increased secretion (sweating, lacrimation , saliva and sputum viscosity). Patients struggle, drowsiness, convulsions, and death have a small pin head, limp. People with severe coma, paralysis, even death. There are no specific antagonists should value the ability to recover depends on the amount of chemical residues in dog meat after processing.

– Pesticides organic phosphate group (already banned): This drug is toxic that just 0.5 mg dose is lethal enough. The poison will be vomiting, difficulty breathing, respiratory paralysis and sometimes death. Toxins accumulate in fatty tissue, milk ducts of the woman and can adversely affect the status of children raised by their milk supply.

– Drug Phua mouse zinc phosphate, containing thallium (very toxic): Can cause serious harm to consumers.

In addition to poisoning, dog meat is a source of many infectious diseases. When eating meat to rabid dogs, consumers can become infected with this deadly disease (rabies virus enters the body through cuts in the mouth and gastrointestinal tract). Dr Tam said that dog meat can also carry many other infectious diseases like tuberculosis to the disease, lepto spiral infection (jaundice, liver damage, miscarriage). Normally, the body of the dog diseases, there are many other harmful germs. Many of them do not die when being cooked, even for bacteria and die, their bodies can release deadly toxins.

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